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Well, personally how I deal with feeling bored would be either to play games or listen to music. 

Both musics and playing video games helps me to feel lively. 
Some tips to overcome boredom:

1. Sort out your mail and email

2. De-clutter (clear out that wardrobe)

3.Re-arrange the furniture

4. Walk the dog

5. Water the plants

6. Wash your car

7. Call a friend

8. Learn something new

9. Read a good book

10. Meditate yourself

11. Do some exercise

12. Listen music

13. Get creative (draw, paint, sculpt, create music, write)

14. Write your shopping list and go for shoppong
I usually start playing on my bassguitar and search for some nice songs on youtube.
Thanks a bunch..listening to music relieves stress..playing games is also a way to kick back but it bores my pant off

If the boredom stems from being in the house, go on a walk. 

Television could help if you have a show you’ve always wanted to check out but never had the time. 

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As we all know, boredom is that period when we get to be alone with no form of interaction to make us feel belonging and entertaining. This is the moment when you get to see that there is a lot to life as you will be at sea at how you can keep yourself happy.

Whenever that I am in this type of situation, I always seek out ways that I can make myself happy and one of them is by going out to the football viewing center where they watch football matches. While at the place, I always end up meeting up with a whole lot of friends and pals that will make the stay am interesting one and I feel better since we can always engage in discussions on how the matches are going. Back in those days, my mobile device used to be a companion, but I have noticed that it is not always that easy especially when you have no exciting friends to chat with.
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Going to a viewing center sounds great but I'm not that big of a football fan..I only watch world cup and once my home country is eliminated ,I stop watching it
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It is been a while since the last time I hang out with friends and I always stays at home with my kids. It is really boring when there is no one around that you can talk to and make some fun. But, I am enjoying the company of children even though it's more stressful sometimes because they are in demand.
If I feel bored, I try to talk to my friend on Facebook or watch movies online. And then we really need to go out and take for a walk, go to the beach, enjoy the sunshine and the nature. Don't just sit down or lock yourself in the room because it will become dull and boring. Try to do some exercise at home by watching Youtubers so you can copy and follow some interesting exercise. Listening to lively music really can help, too. You can dance along or sing along with the music. In other way, you can bake some cookies or cake.
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Thanks for your useful tips.. I have never considered adding some kind of workout to my daily activities. Maybe I will consider it .

..I would have loved to bake cake too but I have no idea how it is done
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Boredom is a time where we find our self so uncomfortable without having what can lift our mood  and give ourself a good frame of mine. I know there are days I feel very  low and bored and I just need something that will lift my spirit and the best bet is doing what I enjoy to do to really relax. We can called such hobbies. We can just search our selves to find out what can really works for us.

I'm a lover of good music and games. So if I'm bored I start with playing my favorite music and playing games while the music is playing in the background. Better still I could still see a movie either at home or in the cinema. If I have food to offer I can invite over my friends. Doing my online tasks can also help to fight boredom provided that's what I need to do at that time
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Doing my online tasks helps me fight boredom too..I just feel I need some other ways to fight boredom.I believe one can live a boredom free life
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Boredom is actually not a good situation because the thinking activities are usually negative one,  this period comes in once in a while and it good to have tactics to overcome it.
My mobile phone or computer,  If I am kinda bored the next thing is that I pick up my phone,  check out most of my earning sites and get busy there and sometimes I check my facebook to get updates and also entertainment.
If I am bored of staying at home then I call friends for us to hang out at least to refresh our brain and crack fists.
I also read books that are related to tips on successful leadership and also read my holy book so as to know more about God.
Honestly, my phone hardly  make me bored except if it is off and the internet service is not friendly for me to access the internet.
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From my experience and understanding with how one gets bored, what causes boredom has always been linked to overdoing something for a long period of time and also getting into doing something which you obviously don't want to do but you don't have any other options as you are forced to do that thing against your desires.

So, if the situation of things is like that, then I can guarantee you that getting bored is for sure in your life and you cannot run away from it unless you have the guts to change your life, change your programs and follow your heart in what you want to do not what you are forced to do in your own life.

There are sometimes when you will naturally feel bored in life but that can be easily taken care of with just a seat out with your friends and your day will brighten up.
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Obviously, it is a common phenomenon for anybody to feel bored, and it not out of place for one to feel a little down emotionally, perhaps due to lack of activities that would liven up the person spirit. What one choose to do in moments like this plays a lot in the emotional stability of the individual. There are those that there boredom has degenerated to depressive tendency, and if care is not taken, suicidal thoughts becomes unavoidable.

Personally, whenever I feel bored, what I usually do is to engage in tasks that would serve as a perfect escape to such a feeling. Actually, I have countless number of activities to get myself involved in that would get my spirit instantly uplifted. The first of which is by reading my bible, which serves as the perfect antidote to any negative and boring feeling I must have been experiencing at that point in time.

Alternatively, I can decide to listen to music, which is also another mood booster. Or I can go for a workout which could be jogging or long distance trekking. Or I could just pick up an inspirational book to read.
Frankly speaking, I can't remember the last time I felt bored, I guess this is because I am too positive to allow any negative thoughts or feelings to overwhelme me.
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Boredom is very normal and almost everyone goes through this at some point in their lives. Whenever I get bored, I tend to go out see my friends once in a while but I usually do this very rarely. The other thing that makes me reduce boredom is going out for shopping. Over time, I have grown to be fond of shopping and whenever am idle, i just walk out and find something that will please me. You can always try this, it can help you pass time but you need to have ready cash.

Also, you can try going to the movies with a friend or you can maybe go alone. Even if you go alone, am sure you'll find some friends there. Once you're out of there you'll have passed some time and hence can continue with the rest of your work.

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Do something Interesting that you love. Listening music and cooking are common. But do something different and useful. Clean your room. Keep everything neat and clean. Go for a walk. 
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