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My phone has a corning gorilla glass. Do I need to use an extra protection to my phone? When comes to look I don't like screen guards. Is it necessary to use a screen protector?
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Android devices screens are very fragile and can be easily broken. Some these screens are very expensive. Take for instance my Samsung galaxy J7 screen is about #40, 000 naira in my currency. So screen guards are very important. 
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With type of smartphone nowadays, we really need to use screen protectors and case. This would prevent from damaging your phone if you accidentally drop it on the ground.
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It's not a must for you to have a screen protector, you can actually do without it. But if you know you are a bit clumsy get one for the sake of your phone.

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Screen protectors are a personal choice for people. I personally use one on my iPhone even though the new iPhones have a great screen on them. I still think that it is necessary to use one, but in some cases, people don't like the way they look and don't want to invest in a screen protector.

I still worry about my screen getting damaged and broken if it is dropped or knocked off a table. I don't want to risk the chance of my screen breaking so I protect my screen and phone with the screen protector and also with an anti-shock case. This gives me peace of mind and ensures me that I have done what I can to protect my investment. You will be the one who decides if you want to invest in the screen protector for your phone. If you trust the new screen on the phone, then I'd say no you don't need it. But if you are afraid that it will break, then yes you need it.
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My phone doesn't have one,the one I bought with cracked into pieces when my phone fell on the ground so am just using a phone without but then am very careful so that it doesn't fall down again.Have been thinking bof buying a new protector but its quite expensive besides have been planning to purchase a new phone with nice features unlike the one am using.
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I think the use of screen protector or guard has always been a thing of choice. Regardless of how tough the screen protector to your device is, you can either opt for one, perhaps, you want to have your device protected against unforseen destructive incidences, or you can choose to let it be as you bought it.
But the risks involve in not protecting one's smartphone screen could be very detrimental. Apparently, there are so many cases where our smartphone get caught up in accidental occurence, and the only thing that keeps its screen from being damaged is the protector.

For instant, let's say your phone falls from great height, the only thing left to have it prevented against complete wreckage would be its screen protector. The reason why its screen protector is so vital is because the screen of every smartphone is the first point of contact if anything happens to it.
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Things made especially accessories are made to help a bigger production either to upgrade it or protect it and nothing is wrong with using the produced things to better the bigger production. Phone protection though seem a waste of money is very important and a necessity because though it might look like an extra expense but it's a necessary expense which will be helpful for one's phone both the expensive and cheap ones.
So really one needs screen protector first and foremost to protect one's phone against physical damage in case the phone drops from a little bit of height or mistakenly follows from one's hands. It act as shock-absorber. It will also help to reduce unappealing scratch on the phone so it better to have it covered.
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I think that no matter the type of phone that you are making use of there is always the need for you to use the necessary accessories that is going to give you a better smartphone experience. I can't forget what happened some months ago when I got a new device and felt that day screen is strong and wont have any type of issue not here the next two days when it fell off from the cushion that I was sitting on and had a crack.

All my efforts to ensure that the screen was changed proved abortive as the phone repair has kept telling me that the screen replacement of this phone is no longer in the market. I tried all I could, but at the end of the day I came to realize that I've gotten a smartphone that will be a waste to me which at the end became a waste of money. So, having a screen protector to your phone is pretty important.
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The android smartphone screen protector was designed for a purpose and it's to offer extra security to the fragility of smartphone screens when they fall to the ground by accident unknowingly. Personally, I have never seen any android or iOS smartphone device that fell on its screen on a hard floor and never crack or damage completely.

Seriously, I don't know why all smartphone companies decide to not make the smartphone screens to be unbreakable glass. I'm very sure that it's something very possible to do if they really wanted to but come to think of it, they would be cutting off extra profits from themselves since phone users wouldn't have to worry about replacing their smartphone screen since it can't break.

I certainly can't use any smartphone without screen protector and even phone pack.

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