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The world can never exist again without internet. Instead of not using internet services, they would develop something that is even better than the internet.

We are in the digital world. 
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You have a point, without internet we can never be as what we are today. I  think this company are making excuses because their internet connection is not good anymore.
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What would this world be without internet i cannoy even fathom that fact. The world will literally come to a halt given that evwrything revolves around internet.

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3 Answers

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I don't know  which part of the country is going through this issue of internet shut down but in my country here, I'm yet to hear such a thing. Well as you rightly stated it might not be entirely shutting down, it just a case of maintenance which I know it isn't a new thing because every now and then there's always this routine or scheduled maintainence exercise that needs to be done which will help give  users effective and efficient internet connection at a very good speed. So if they will be gone for about 5-8 hours to maintain the internet then so be it, it better that way than a breakdown before them working on any of the problem.

With the stage and era we are in now. I don't see any shutting down totally of the internet,such thought is non existent now.
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Here in New Zealand it is been a month now and I don't know really what is the main reason,the company will just give some reasons in order for their customers to hang on.
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Seriously, are you kidding me when you say that there wouldn't be any internet network in existence because the internet providers are suffering too much maintenance fee which would cause them to shutdown and close their business. Let me burst your bubble and tell you that it's never going to be possible in this world now and even in the future because the world today is built in the fabrics of internet connection and usage.

Do you have any idea how many billions of dollars these internet networks providers are making on daily basis? Millions of people are making use of internet data subscription for all of their internet business and these internet networks providers aren't giving any incentive to making their subscription fees cheaper.
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Im not kidding, our provider told us that most company will be closing down soon because of too much hassle going on the internet line, and they must be lying or just making some excuses so, we won't switch to another internet provider.
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There will always be the internet and if one provider closes down a new one will take their place. The internet is here to stay and people can not live without it now. Internet helps us to reach beyond where we live and work and seek out people with knowledge around the world. Many businesses now relays on the internet to sell their products and services. People who can not find work turn to online companies to work and make a living for their families. 
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