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4G broadband is the fastest at the moment, so I'm definitely sure that with 5G broadband, it's going to be the fastest than the 4G broadband service. 

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The world of technology is always improving and getting better day by day. This is the reason you get to see a whole lot of people that are now enjoying some good times just by being part of this movement. I will say that the 5G network that we be coming out in the year 2020 is one that is going to make a lot of strides.

As at the moment, we are having some technological setbacks which is one of the reasons I am still managing the 3G network and one good thing that I have noticed is that it is quite better than the 2G that we used to have in those days. Then, there are persons that are making use of 4G network in this current time and I sometimes wonder how fast that it is going to be. The way that I am looking at the world of technology, we are even going to get to that point where we can have better broadband network.
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I am using the 4G network and sometimes it us fast and there are other times ut will slow. The reason why the internet company having a lot issue maybe because of this up coming 5g network.
I didn't know this,but now I know this is very useful information about the matter at hand.indeed the 4G network is quite fast.
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Technology advancement is something that is happening every day and it's all targeted at improving what we have today to become a better one and make life more efficient and effective and easier. Now, looking at the possibilities of having a 5G broadband internet in 2020 would be something very amazing because it would bring about endless possibilities to what we can do with the internet.
At the moment, we have 4G internet broadband in functional capacity and it's very good from what I have seen so far with the things it has made the internet very possible of accomplishing. Although, I'm yet to switch to using the 4G internet broadband as I'm still stuck with 3G network, I'm very well aware that I'm missing a lot with not using 4G yet but I'm definitely going to getting it soo.
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You should change your broadband into 5g when it release, might be expensive tgan the 3g.
By reading this I have managed to add up on my knowledge about this topic this is very useful information about the advancement is quite grand in the world indeed.
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The technology is improving very rapidly, more than we can expect. It is getting better and making our experience improved with every passing day. So. I think it is the need of time so that we can get access to pieces of information as quickly as possible. The earlier time we used to wait for a long to open a single page, whereas now the speed is so fast that we don't even like to wait for 2-3 seconds. As the net speed has been changed from 2G to 3G to 4G to now 5G, likewise the demand for new devices also arises. As we all know to access the 5G Internet we need a 5G supported mobile phone and other devices to access the internet.

So, it is definitely a good call of switching the technology to 5G. And yes, who doesn't love the fast speed of Internet and save their time on Internet Surfing. 

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That is quite a positive mindset and perspective it will keep you optimistic no matter the situation.the technology improvement is quite rapid.
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It will be the fastest wireless broadband which has the furthest reached across the country. Cellular service providers are rolling it out currently.
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This is quite a reasonable and knowledgeable answer and I think you are quite right considering the angle you are seeing the question from.yes it will be the fastest only for a period of time.
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Nobody knew what 2020 held for us but God only. That's why it's always important to put all our plans to Him. 2020 we have seen a deadly virus claiming lives and stopping many plans put by people. But hopefully it will be controlled and people live normally. I hope fro the 5G to be launched but there's controversy surrounding it. 
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Yes indeed we should show all our plans to God and hope for a better Future.
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Yes 5G is quite fast but there a re way more faster broadband and wireless networks for example the internet connection at NASA is so fast.
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everything new exceeds its predecessor so , like everyone expects it should be faster than 4G . and 6G will even surpass 5G . its the circle of evolution
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