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PayPal payment processor will always be the best but payoneer is also good as well, at least those whom I know to have used it, all love it. 

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Payoneer has been around since 2005, and from all ramifications, it's a very good payment processor too. Paypal is also a good payment processor which is preferred by the majority of people over payoneer for some differential reasons.

Payoneer is more like a bank account. It's operations revolves around checking account systems which provides an electronic wallet for account users just like paypal and other payment processor. Paypal on the other hand is strictly an online payment processor which can't be used as a substitute for a local bank account like that of payoneer. I think this is the major difference between both payment processors.

Another thing that sets PayPal apart and probably makes users prefer paypal to payoneer are minimum amount transfers and transaction charges. Payonner has a certain set standard for transfer amounts. And their charges are a little high compared to others. Paypal as we know take charges to but not as much as payoneer does. And paypal allows the transfer of almost any amount with no minimum set amount. Paypal is also faster in transacting than payoneer.

Drawing from the above, i think you already have the answer. Paypal still remains the best when it comes to online payments processing.
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I think PayPal is better. Payoneer is good though not to totally discredit it. It has been around for a while now. The thing is that for online payment, PayPal is the best processor so far obviously. It may not just be because it is secure, other processors are just as secure with fair charges too. It is the most widely accepted.
One of the challenges I find with payoneer is the high minimum for withdrawing to your local bank account  Other than that, it is also good and the fees are fair enough. Plus, you get to request for a payoneer Mastercard which you can use at any atm and withdraw with your local currency. I think if more sites and people include payoneer as a means of payment. It would function just as good as paypal does.
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Payoneer is a very good online payment processor as well for sending and receiving money from one person to another, from micro website to another and so on. Payoneer is good but in my opinion, PayPal is more popular and mostly commonly used by all freelance writers to get their payments online and it's what most freelance websites requires for paying those that were being owed.
I'm going to be very honest with you about using Payoneer, I have never had an experience with the online payment processor because I'm more comfortable with PayPal over any other online payment processor. But from what I have heard about payoneer by those who have used it are all positive information. I'm considering making use of Skrill at the moment but no to payoneer for now.
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Yes,after PayPal as the most used payment processor and popular payment gateway the next used and outstanding one is payoneer which is a universal payment gateway. Anyone anywhere can create a payoneer account unlike PayPal account that selected countries can be on the platform. One very good thing about payoneer account is the issuance of their master card where one can cash out money with it from a master card accepted ATM  all over the whole world  and of course one has a foreign account too with a recognised address, bank number and with one's real name.

There's no discrimination with payoneer platform unlike PayPal. The payment platform is also very secured and can comfortably send and receive money worldwide with payoneer.
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I hear some reviews that payoneer is a scammer though,I don't know if it is real or not.

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