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What content is the best to attract visitors through organic search? Which category is still unsaturated?
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The type of content you add to your blog or website will depend mostly on you and what your site is all about. If you have a food blog or website, you don't want to add an article about beauty or travel. You should keep the content relevant to your site. You will need to create a niche site and continue to add articles to your niche. This way it attracts more visitors to your site and establishes you as an expert. One way to find out what people search for is to use a keyword search. The keyword search will give you a good idea of how many people search for the keyword or words online. Here is an idea about how you can get started:

  1. Determine your niche. You'll need to decide on what type of blog or website you'd like.
  2. Make a list of keywords that relate to your niche.
  3. Start searching the keywords online and see what people search for the most.
  4. Decide on how you want your website or blog to look like.
  5. You can find some good templates online that can help you get started with this.
  6. Build your site. This will take time to get the site design built and the pages added.
  7. Start adding content to your site. The more content you have on your site, the more you can find your readers. Make sure when you write your content that you have an award-winning title and an article that is rich with keywords. This helps the search engine to find you faster. 
  8. Now you need to promote your blog so people can find it and go there.
  9. You can promote the blog on FB, Twitter, other social media sites, forums, or through a company who does advertising.
  10. This is a lot of work and you'll need to dedicate several hours a day on this project.
  11. It seems today that all websites and blogs will need a Privacy Policy if you are collecting any type of information such as email address or other personal data. Make sure you have one on your blog. Also, add a Terms of Service agreement on your blog and a sitemap. This is all important and will help Google find you easier.

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