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Yes. Android phones also get infected by viruses. The existence of malware digital currency miners like bitcoin has long haunted users of computers and gadgets. Typically, this type of malware infiltrates the device through the internet network.

Now, a cryptocurrency miner by name 'loop' is said to be targeting Android devices. based on information circulating, the virus has the potential to infect and damage android devices.
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Yes, any mobile phone or device can be infected with a virus. However, Android is working hard to protect your mobile devices and protect them from viruses. Unfortunately, there are still people out there that love to hack software or a company website or server. It seems to be fun for them to find different ways to infect these devices with viruses.

You will need to protect your own device and make sure you use caution when attaching to a WiFi. Here are a few measures you can try or use to help protect your device:

  1. When in public never attached to an un-secure WiFi network. Only allow your phone to connect to a trusted network that is secure.
  2. A good practice with any mobile device is to turn off your WiFi connection when not in use. This will help to protect your device and not allow it to connect to any WiFi network when you are in public.
  3. Each time you'd like to download and install a new app on your device, it is recommended that you do a bit of research on the app if you don't know anyone using this app. On the Google Play Store, many apps have a very bad or low rating. Unfortunately, Google doesn't remove some apps from their store. Therefore, it is up to us to check out the apps before installing them on our devices.
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Yes every gadget can be infected with viruses and some even go to the extent of crushing your phones.Some of the reasons behind viruses in phones include:

Downloading apps from the google play store that aren't protected.Most of those apps have viruses. There's this app called whaff rewards, it requires to download and test the apps.It pays well but the the results might not be pleasing and you might crush your phone and no way of reversing it .

Also,there's another way of earning through viewing ads but requires you to download an app for the lock screen. Be cautious with these,those ads might be another great source of viruses and finally downloading things from browser especially opera mini.In fact at times a message pops up saying "your android has been infected with viruses,press OK to clear the virus". The moment you'll press okay and that's now your phone will be infected.
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Yes. When a user downloads an app from the internet on the phone. The malware can be embedded in the codes of the app. When the app is in the phone it affects the operating system of the phone either  IOS or  OS.  An example can be in form of a  PDF and hides in the system.
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Depends on the type of virus; normally any virus made for windows do not affect android phone, because they cannot run on Android; so there is the android virus for android phones which do not affect windows.

So technically there is no actual virus which effects android; there are some malware and malicious software which effects android phones, but they are not a virus.

Yet do not overlook the security of your android phone, and keep it safe from trojan, malware etc.

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