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I would like to know if it's safe or healthy to swim on an empty stomach. 
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I have been swimming regularly from past 3 years. As per my experience I would not recommend you to swim with empty stomach. The swimming comes under the rigorous exercises which needs more amount of energy. While swimming, it requires energy from your body. Therefore it is not recommended to swim empty stomach. You must eat something before going for swimming.
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The thing that we should always have at the back of our minds when we go swimming is that swimming is a sport that involves energy. Energy to do a lot of things is what is necessary and there is need for us to eat something before we go swimming. This does not mean that we should eat heavily, but taking something that will sustain the energy when we are swimming is something that is crucial.

As old as I am, I don't really know how to swim as I have had fears for water all because of the stories that I have heard of how water have drown people. This has made me to always remain careful when it comes to going to the swimming pool. It is necessary for those that are not experts when we are talking about swimming to always swim in shallow pools to avoid being drown as well.
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Though, the body will experience lesser weight when you don't eat or when the stomach is empty but  don't think it is healthy to swim with an empty stomach. Since, the essence of food is to gain energy. And that energy is needed to move both hands and legs correspondently while swimming.. If such energy is not enough, you might loose the control along the line.

Also in health perception, food is actually a basic requirements by human body and must always be eaten at regular interval. If you refuse to eat accordingly aand chosed to enter the river or swimming pool to swim,you might actually be tempted to drink the undrinkable water and even loose the strenght to actively control well. Also more water tends to enter the body since the system willbw dialated. Unclean water will penetrate.
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In reality, it is better to swim on an empty stomach than just after you've eaten. It is recommended that you wait 30 minutes to go swimming after eating that way you do not have cramps in the water. Normally if you go swimming on an empty stomach it is better for you because you will not end up with cramps in the water which is very bad and could cause major problems and in some cases drowning. 
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