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Petrol is one of the most hottest commodity in the world today. 

What do you think is making the world to be too dependent on petrol? 

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I also ask myself this question everyday and I had to do some research. I have come to realise that oil makes the world to be truly globalized..or how can we explain the fact that a child travels to another city for his grandfather "s burial  the same day he learnt he passed.

Their are about 1.2 billion passenger cars alone and 98% of them rely on oil.That figure is expected to reach 2billion by the year 2035 and 3 billion by the year 2050.This year,world vehicle sale will reach 89 million,37% increase since 2005.

The world consumes about 24 million b/d of gasoline,27 million b/d of fossil fuel every day.That's a lot and the figure is expected to rise.. As at now,the USA has 82 cars per 100 people, China has 7, and India has 4 cars per 100 people.This figures will rise in coming Years.

Also,the developed nations use 50% of the world oil but are just 17% of the population.From 2010 to 2030,the poor nations are projected to add 800 million newly registered vehicles and most of this vehicles will depend on oil.

Oil will continue to run the world.Apart from running cars, we use oil to run some machines like the generator and so on.
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The activities in the world today involves moving from one place to another so as to meet up with the daily targets, this is no doubt a continuous process and can mostly be achieved the used of mobility most especially cars,  and motorcycles  that can only be functional when they are power by fuel, petrol remain the most common and affordable fuel that majority use to power their cars and motorcycles this makes it a very hot commodity in the most part of the world today.
Electricity is still a very big challenge in some part of the world,  they have no choice than to opt for alternatives source of electricity like the generators whcib are mostly power by using petrol.
Most alternatives to petrol are very expensive to use, only few can afford them
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People before now were dependent on petrol.and even our generation is still depending on it because petrol is very useful both to the individual and the world at large like in my country petrol is one of the major source of income and most money comes from it's exportation.

Petrol is alot cheaper than other source of energy like diesel .A diesel generating plant will cost more money to fuel it than the plants that's using petrol.

Petrol is also very useful because from it another useful lubricants are made like grease and engine oil.
The residues from petrol can be used to make better use like the waterproof we use for roof is made from it's residues. Alot of things is done from petrol so no two ways out the dependable rate will still increase until another good source is discovered.
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Petrol is the most useful source of energy in the production of electricity or running some sort of heat engines. It is necessary in great number of human needs. And petrol is the average consumer has to purchase on a regular basis. Petrol is fantastically high energy density so that it is a really efficient energy to transport. It is also great for vehicles because a vehicle needs to carry its own fuel. Petrol is also very quick to release its energy, this makes  it great for combustion engines. It is also important to our economy and has many uses like for example the petrol can be process to produce gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, heating oi, lubricating oil, grease and tar. It is best estimated that worldwide, there are about 800,000 producing wells, producing 75 million barrels of oil a day.

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You see one thing that we should always understand when we are talking about the over reliance on petrol is for us to understand the need for many of us to focus on things that really matters. One thing about petroleum is that it is the core crude oil products that is being used in industries, by car owners, by a lot of people that are making use of generators .

Take for instance, the engineers that are looking at how they can make use of electric cars always warn that it is going to take a whole lot of adjustments before it is going to be used for public use. This is the same as there is no generator out there that will make use of any other thing other than the petroleum. This is something that we should always think when we are talking about the over dependency on petroleum.
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I think it's pretty obvious why oil happens to the hottest commodity and most dependent resource in the world. Giving the total number of oil running machines which are produced and still on production today, it's only likely that the need for oil continues to rise with the passing day.
Vehicles and many other means of transportation which happens to be one of the largest market driving every economy happens to depend on oil for it's daily running. Production machines which are used in making oil consuming products and machines also requires oil. Hence, an industrous nation will almost depend on oil all the time. And as you know, every nation is working it's best to becoming an industrial nation. Third world or developing nations require a lot of oil to generate individual power units given their regular power outages and lack of power through standard means. These are just some of the few reasons why the world is so dependent on oil.
However, i think a lot of these dependencies are about to change. With the issue of global warming which is given top priority recently, many nations have come to an agreement to cut down productions of both oil and oil consuming machines. This means that in the nearest future, the world is going to experince a drastic drop in the consumption of oil.

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