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Being blind and being dumb and deaf, which one is more horrible? 

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4 Answers

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I have a schoolmate in college who is mute, but can do sign language and can see. Our school accept students who has disabilities like,blind, or can't even walk, which is good. I feel sad about these people, and why these should happen to them. Having disabilities is horrible, but on the positive sides, they have more talent that is been used wisely than people who are normal. I think for the two choices you have give, which horrible; being deaf or blind. These two are really not good disabilities of a person whereas, being blind you cannot see anything, it's completely dark. You won't see what the worlds is and how beautiful the surrounding is. Where is, being deaf is also not being good, but, I hope can see what surroundings is but cannot hear anything. There is advantages and disadvantages between the two. The advantage of being blind is you cannot see how ugly the world is in terms of crime but you can hear noises. The advantage of being deaf is you cannot hear anything but you can see.But, I am sure they understand what they see and they hear but, unlike us it is way different.
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While I will have to admit that none is them is better than one that is hearty and strong, I will say that being deaf and dumb is a lesser issue since you are going to be able to make use of your hands to communicate with people that you see. The life that we are living is one that is faced with a whole lot of challenges and I always wonder how those that will be unable to see manages to handle some pressures of life.

Even when we talk of education, a deaf and dumb person can easily get to follow through what is happening since he/she will be able to visualize how everything is going. A blind person will take time to work things out and this is the reason you always read how they are always brilliant when they get to understand how everything is going on because they make use of the mind when they understand the environment better.
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Although none of these defections is something anybody should pray for, but one of them is somewhat slightly better than the others due to how important its function is to the entire well being of an individual. Blindness happens to be the most severed defect compared to dumb and deaf. This is so because when one is blind, it's the whole light of the body that is switched off. That's why the bible aptly puts it that, the human eyes is the light of the body. If one is blind, there's no how such a person can move about withour the aid of someone guidance, which would definitely affect every activity the person is partaking in.

But if somebody is deaf or dumb, there's still chance of the person performing simple life activities without the assistance of his/her fellow man. Easy communication is highly probable with deaf and dumb, but with blindness it seems pretty difficult for the sufferer to communicate without the ready aid called braille.
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Honestly speaking, there is none that is better or worse than the other. they are all hard to bear. But maybe if i were to choose, i would choose being deaf. If i was to put it in light of our world today, The world today has become so rotten, there is evil everywhere, lies are forever on people's lips, curses have become part of our lives, music is no longer good for the soul, because the lyrics do not teach us anything of substance, i don't mean to be biased to the young generation, but that is an opinion that i hold personally. So being deaf will shut your ears from hearing all this things and will help you avoid all the evil that is going on around you, the negative vibes that are being spoken about other people, rumour mongering is also limited, You would live a more quiet and positive life that way.
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