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Yes, it is bad to charge phone overnight. Some mobile brand may explode due to overcharged.
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If the phone battery isn't a high quality battery, there is a good possibility it getting blown up and exploding once the battery swell up. 

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When you first buy any phone or tablet the manufacture of these devices recommends that you charge the device for at least 8 hours before using it. Normally the battery in the device will have a small charge already, this makes it possible for you to set up your phone and get it configured.

The major reason for charging your battery for 8 hours is to condition your battery so it last longer. There is a lot of talk about battery life and how you can make your battery last longer. With a new battery, it is a good practice to charge it for 8 hours when you first receive your new phone. Afterward, run the battery down to almost nothing and charge it again. Do this 3 or 4 times to condition your battery. This normally makes a battery last longer.

As for charging your phone overnight, most people do this. However, I do know quite a few people who have done this and burned up their motherboard in the phone. On cheaper models of a smartphone these days it seems that if they leave the phone charging for more than 10 hours their phones stop working or have a problem with the motherboard.

The more expensive smartphone don't have an issue with the battery charging and heating up the motherboard in the phone. However, many people manufacture cheaper smartphones and they don't have the same quality battery or motherboard inside the phone. Some of these phones have issues with leaving the phone on a charger for extended periods of time.

I would say that it depends on who manufactured your phone and when you take your phone off the charger is the phone hot. Does your charger feel warm to the touch? If this is the case, then no don't charge it overnight. I have left my phone charging overnight and into the morning. I've never had an issue with my phone ever. However, I own an iPhone 8 plus and it is a good quality phone and can support the phone charging overnight.
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I have noticed that some of the times when I charge my phone for too long, both the charger and the back of my phone battery gets so hot. 

There was a day when it got so hot that I had to place my phone in the deep freezer for one minute to chill it immediately as I was afraid it would blow up.
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Yes its bad because the battery might get over charged and this will reduce battery life since it will be used to being on charge through out and might end up being a desktop phone If the battery is inbuilt.

Else,you can let the phone charge overnight then turn on an alarm to wake you up and check whether its charged and if not the set another alarm after some time although this idea isn't with me at all.
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Overcharging of phone can definitely damage the battery. If you are very observant, you will see the specified hours you are supposed to allow your phone charge, so anything beyond that hour of charging is killing the phone battery.
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I have read so much about the negative effects of charging one's smartphone overnight. Some people say it's very bad for the battery as it kills the battery cells for too exposure to charging electricity voltage. This might be true but I have no way of getting to confirm it.

It's also said that overnight charging of android smartphone might lead to the smartphone exploding. I have actually seen some smartphone explode but it wasn't as a result of overnight charging. So, this makes me wonder if the overnight charging of the smartphone actually have any bad effects on it.
I have personally plugged my laptop, android smartphone and tablet and they charged all through the night until morning and nothing happened to the devices.
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I would advise you not to do this very often because when the over charging would damage either your phone or laptop, it wouldn't give you any sign. 

You are just being lucky at the moment, so I suggest you stop when it's not too late. 
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Obviously if you are charging your phone over night you are probably going to charge it for 5 hours or 6 hours which naturally abnormal because at most after 2 hours a phone should be fully charged, The rest will be charging and discharging at the same time which heat up the battery and reduce it capacity.
It is not advisable to charge your phone overnight but the situation becomes inevitable in areas where power is not stable and everyone  take advantage of it when ever it is available especially in a areas where they share electricity on hourly basis.  In situations like these I will advise while pluging  your phone you set an alarm that will wake you up  in the estimated time that your phone will be fully charged so that you unplug it while you continue sleeping.
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Well,generally I don't advocate for one leaving any gadget on at night ,since everyone would have gone to bed.i always believe everything should be switched off. That way electrical hazards will be reduced or outrightly ruled out at night.
Focusing at the mobile phone charging overnight apart from the phone being a new phone which one is asked to charged to the maximum which is 100% that might take a whole lot of time, charging phone overnight is bad. According to experts it is asserted that doing this will damage the battery in the long run and makes the battery runs at a very low capacity, which will lead to quick discharges of the battery during use.This is to say the battery will always run down quickly and one keep on charging the battery since the juice of the battery can't be held for a long time.
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I agree with you that we should be mindful of the way that we should our mobile device especially as smartphone manufacturers are making one device almost every month. There is need of us to understand that for our mobile phones to have a good time out there, we should be careful the way that we charge not only to avoid exploding, but also to avoid a situation where the phone battery will start not working the way that we want. I always look at ways that we can make good use of our mobile phones to ensure that everything keep working the nice way.

Also, I was going through a content on the best ways that we can manage our phone device and I came across the need not to frequently charge the phone which also stated that we should be charging the phone when the battery is less than 25%.
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Charging one's mobile smartphone overnight is something which I'm very used to doing every day or anytime that there is electricity when I'm about to sleep. The moment I saw that question thread, I couldn't help myself laugh so much because as of last night, my mobile smartphone was plugged to charger till this morning. I even woke up a couple of times in the night and saw that the phone was already full at 100 percent but I still didn't plug it out from the charger.

Normally, the reason for this behavior is that most of time we don't have constant electricity, so I try as much as possible to maximize the time I get to see electricity which is why I plug my mobile smartphone to be charging until I either want to leave the house or the power company have taken the electricity.
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I think there is no actual or specific time to charge one's phone rather than a time when it is less needed. Meanwhile,over charging of the phone should nofbe encouraged.
To a reasonable extend it is not ideal to plug a phone to light to charge throughout the night because the implications is technically severe and inextimable. HoweverHowever, if one must charge overnight; you must be able to determine the exact time that such a battery usually takes to fully charge and then set an alerm to wake up and disengage the charger.
But if one keeps charging the phone every night without taking absolute caution, such kind of phone will not last long as expected and in a short distance time the battery will go terrible faulty.
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Oh yes, it is completely wrong for one to charge his/her phone overnight. That's totally against the recommended ways phone battery can be charged in order for its maximum strength to be maintained. I am not saying that I have not done it in the time past, but I got discouraged from continuing with it, when the fact on how battery life can be managed hit me. And ever since then, I have strived not to charge my phone overnight.
I know so many people might be wondering what is wrong with charging phone overnight. The reason why is not ideal is that once the phone has gotten to a certain level of charging, which is 80-90%, you're expected to unplug the phone from power supply, because leaving it to attain maximum charged level of 100% would cause the battery strength to wane over time.

For this core reason, charging of phone overnight would affect the battery strength, thereby making it less long lasting as it ought to be if the right charging practices were adhered to.
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From experience, I let my phone to charge over night thinking that it will make the charge to stand long on the next day, but it is a waste of time. It takes an hour for a phone to charge when you are using it regularly. It will make the battery bulky and later on, it will damage. Actually, over charging will damage the battery itself. Instead of being a durable one, you can damage the whole phone. My experience with my phone was charged for whole night. In the morning, it is full but it was very hot. When I unplugged the charger, little by little the temperature goes low. The charge still lasted for 16 hours. I thought it will make up to 48 hours with regular use, but still 16 hours. Then I experienced putting the plug of charger one time and it says that it unable to charge due to fully charge but it is not fully charge. The over charge ruin the battery.

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