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Seriously, there is nothing in the world that would make me to agree with living in an area with incidents of volcanic eruption.

Even if I'm paid, I wouldn't agree to live in such areas. 
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What if I will say that New Zealand has a lots of volcanic area it is just not active yet.

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I can live around a volcanic area depending on the level of activity going on in the volcanoe. If it's at minimal or zero activity level, then it's safe for and anyone around.

As popular as volcanoes are, most of them are fortunately situated in a densely rocky areas far away from human population. They are mostly found in forest areas. And very few volcanoes are active today. The odds of experiencing or witnessing a volcanic eruption is 1 to 100 in a life time. This means that even those who live around active volcanoes today might never witness one erupting anytime soon. Eruption is a very slow process which takes hundreds or even thousands of years before happening. But when they do, they are very destructive and can very well lead to other natural disasters like earthquakes, depending on the region.

Am aware of what they call super volcanoes. These type of volcano is the mother of all volcanoes. And when they erupt, they have the capacity to destroy an entire city, If not an entire state, as well as stretching to other states. There are four super volcanoes which are active around the world. One is in the human populated state of Los Angeles, USA. This particular volcanoe is at the highest level of activity with fumes and boiling liquid visible from the surface of the ground. This level of activity has been going on for years now and it is believed that the volcano can erupt at any moment. But then, no one knows for sure when it will happen as volcanic eruption process is very slow.

Drawing from the above, i don't think i'll be able or willing to live around or even close to the volcanic area of Los Angeles. I mean, since the activity is rated at highest level and is very much visible on the ground to the point that there's a barricade fencing people from passing over the visible area, it's really dangerous to be around that area. But for other volcanic areas where there's zero activity, i won't mind living around such area.
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Just like here in New Zealand, if my partner didn't tell me that his country has a lot of volcanic are, it's mostly in every city.
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Seriously, I have never lived in an which is prone to witness volcanic eruption. I have watched so many science fiction movies where there is a breakout of volcano and it's a natural disaster that is very devastating to the extent of burning everything it gets in contact with.

So, why would I put myself in a situation where I would have the possibility of suffering such horrible natural disaster that could be very fatal? Seriously, it's not a wise decision to make by deciding to reside in such areas with incidents of volcanic eruptions.
In this life we get to live only once, so it's very important to be very careful in deciding where to live because when you put yourself in possible harms way, there is always going to be a possibility of getting hurt. There are far more better places to live than a place where volcanic eruption happens.
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Where we live is near volcanic, but it's not active volcano an hopefully it won't be, but some says it is already active.Scary though that the whole New Zealand will vanish if that will happen.
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A volcano area is one that I won't want to live in. As we all know, this is an area that is always at the risk of having some problems and when we take a look at how things are happening on it, you will agree with me that it is not always the safest place to live. We can compare this area with the type of area where we are faced with this challenge of having to live in that place where people are having flood issues.

While those living in this type of place won't always feel the effects during the dry season, you will agree with me that it is possible that they begin to have the challenge when the rainy season comes around. There is always that possibility that we can't really predict the activities that will going on a volcanic area since eruption can happen at any given time.
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