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I visited the Answeree blog and the last time the blog was updated was in 2017. Does the company still maintain and run the blog site? Do they plan on adding new articles or information to their blog?
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According to Answeree they will launching a new website next year,so we will be waiting for that.

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Answeree has a plan to keep a well maintained and regularly updated blog in future. Actually we waiting for making a large user base even before starting that professional blog. We only just set up a blog and have only two posts in it by one of our member mr.vivian. It's a multi author blog so that each member of our community can register there to make their own posts. Once we have a large userbase on answeree, each blog posts can be directly delivered to those members who subscribe to it. Or we can make a scrolling headline or something like that from the blog to the Answeree home page. I think you got the idea.

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