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Don't climb mountains in order not to fall and get yourself killed would be a very good survival tips. 
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I know,but sometimes it is really adventurous to go out with friends and have some adventure.

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Mountain climbing, wow it's truly an experience. Not easy at all, neither is it for the faint hearted. Anyway here are some tips to keep in mind when planning to go mountain climbing.

1. You need to be fit for starters, that's very important. Your muscles need to be flexible enough to withstand the strain as you climb, or else you could suffer muscle pulls which can be very painful.

2. Make sure you do stretch exercises like walking everyday, jogging around or skipping rope for at least 15minutes a day.

3. When you start your climb, do not run or walk too fast, have a steady speed not too fast and not too slow, that way you won't get tired too fast. Breathe with your mouth not with your nose as you walk. Keep hydrated. Do not have too many things on you, walk light, always have a compass for direction very important too. Last but not least walk in groups it sets the momentum going.
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I have a friend of mine who has a heart fainted when up high but she eventually get over it.
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Mountain climbing can be really hard. She must have believed in herself big time for her to have reached the top. She did well, i started off with hills and it was hard work but i did it climbing 4 steep hills.
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I never tried yet, abd I don't think I will do it. I have no confident, maybe a rock wall climbing with the harness on.
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Some people can really surprise you with the kind of activities which they find interesting and intriguing by taking part in such exercises. Mountain climbing or hiking, sky diving, cliff hanging, surfing the ice, surfing the beach waters, deep water diving and so on. All these exercises or activities are very dangerous in such a way that should something go wrong, the individual involved might lose his or her life because of how fatal accidents under such circumstances would be.

What tips which I would like to recommend for anyone who finds mountain climbing interesting would be not a climb too high as the most important thing to have in mind. Check out the tools and kits used for the mountain climbing and make sure you them all in good shape to avoid damaging in the act.
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I have some friends who always up for adventure in terms of nature, but what if they got lost,will they survive the whole journey?

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