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Lot of beauty products coming out in the market, would you still trust to use this one or you want to use naturally made ones from nature?
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There are no side effects from using natural beauty products but you can't say the same for scientifically chemically produced beauty products because they damage the skin. 
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That depends. Just because something is "natural" doesn't mean it's going to clear your skin and make you look like a goddess. Just because something is "scientific" doesn't mean it's going to burn the skin off your face or kill you. Those are stereotypes associated with those words, and some are not true. Some natural products are great because they don't use preservatives or chemicals. But some scientific products are great because they're specially formulated to help your skin. Don't assume.

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I love anything nature based and if a product is organically made then I'm all for it. Scientifically made products comes with alot of health issues and other problems. It is becoming even popular now that women especially are looking out for products with organic or natural ingredients

Natural products are very healthy for the skin since there are not synthetically done but it mostly extract from flowers and plant and this contains viramin E which help to keep the skin glowing and radianting.
Natural ingredients products are safe to  use and the good is that it tend to be compatible with all shades of skin, one don't need to worry about the side effect on the skin.
Most organic products are alot cheaper than the scientific produced ones.
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Both natural and scientific ingredients are good but I personally prefer the natural ingredients to the scientific. Because, the natural ingredients are free from preservatives and those preservatives are technically dangerous to human health especially that they require some percentage of liquid to dilute and if such parameters or concentration is not met, then life is in danger. Also, even if the conditions is being met,the scientific products is never free of side effect or defect.
The locally made things do want affects that much, in reference to health wise. But the scientific must not be too often.
Though, the scientifics last more than the locally prepared stuffs.

If you will take a test with me,  the locally made stuff is sweeter and much more sweeter.
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Seriously, in my opinion it's not even a debate on whether natural made beauty products are better than the scientifically chemically produced ones because the quality and benefits associated with both of these products are very clear for everyone to see and know which one is best for one's health care and beauty condition.
Well, for the fact that most people especially ladies lately want quick answers to all their beauty care questions which is why there are so many cosmetics companies that are actively in production of chemical products to help and enhance women's beauty almost immediately.
I'm very sure that you are very aware of bleaching creams which when applied on the dark skin makes the skin of brighten to and become fair. It has a serious side effect on the long run. I even heard it causes cancer of the skin, so naturally made products are better.

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