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Some women are not comfortable or satisfied with their naturally grown eye lashes, so they fix artificial ones. 

Do you think it's something safe to do? 

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There is a myth that if you cut your eyelashes then it will grow back with longer one, this is not true. But, according to some they really notice that their eyelashes grew back longer than before. I personally did this when I was in my teen age, but my eyelashes are still the same when they grow back.So,It is not true for me. There are natural ways too,to make eye lashes grow longer by using castor oil,however it really needs consistent and patient before you will see an effect. I tried to do this a while ago, but I give up after over a month because there is nothing happening on my eye lashes even on my eyebrows nothing. Well, there are two type of castor oil, the carrier and the cold-pressed one.These made of two classification of oil; Castor oil and Jamaican bean oil. It is believe that Jamaican is more effective to grow eye lashes and eyebrows because it is more thick then carrier oil, however it is more expensive than the regular one.

While artificial eyelashes are everywhere in the market, some says it gives them more confident to go out because people will notice their eyelashes.It is safe to wear as long as it wont irritate in your eyelids that will lead to infections if you are allergic to its components.
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Well,though I'm not feminine I don't think I will loved to do alot of things women attached to their different body parts in the name of fashion. For me though I have always preferred women with natural body I don't just buy all those artificial things they spend heavily to acquire at the end of the day one looks more dollish than a human being.

I'm sure God wanted the lashes to be that light feathered and short but someone used his or her God given talent and felt women might need it thicker and longer and boom, artificial eye lashes were born and be women being the vain being they're fell for it and ofcourse the manufacturer is Smilling daily to the bank.

Eyelashes isn't bad though but it makes some people look so plastic and really vain.
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When it comes to women beauty and how they try to look nice in they midst of others, they don't always want to hear about what is safe and what is not safe. I am that type of person that wouldn't feel comfortable looking at my woman fixing such since I believe that it is always kinda of risky as well. But there are professionals that are into this work and I know people that they will always do everything possible to ensure that they do the work perfectly.

The need for ladies to go to saloons where professionals are working is something that is required on this. I have heard of s story where one lady that is planning her wedding got her eyes damaged all because she was trying to fix eyes lashes. This is the reason people around should always work out ways to fix eyes lashes at the professional place.
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In my opinion, I don't think that fixing artificial eyelashes is always safe to do. It depends on the practitioner or beautician, and the precautionary steps they take to fix those eyelashes. The beautician, or yourself if you plan to place them on, needs to use wash hands, and/or place alcohol based sanitizer before placing artificial eyelashes on. Tweezers that are used should be sterilized and sanitized before using them to place eyelashes on. The glue should be used carefully before placing them on. Additionally, a small clamp, which has been sterilized and sanitized, should be used to clamp down the eyelashes.
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Its depends upon the method you uses to save fix eye lashes. I suggest you to use some healthy and tested methods in life regarding certain issues.

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