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I have seen some girls with artificial blue eyes, yellow eyes green eyes and so on but they are all artificial eye contact lens just to make them look a sexy. 

Personally, I don't think that it's something safe to do. 

What's your opinion about this? 

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2 Answers

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Contact lenses are really fascinating to look at especially with different colors in it. But precautions about wearing budgeted contact lenses, as they might irritate your eyes while wearing them. You have to be persistent of the maintenance of your lenses, because you cannot leave it longer to your eyes especially if it is dry. And do not wear it while sleeping, always removed them and make sure your fingers are clean before removing them. I have head someone who feel  asleep while wearing the contact lenses and when she  weak up,her eyes was totally read,some other women complain about getting blind,I am not sure about this if it's true or just humor. But wearing contact lens is really good to look at and added some features to the woman's eye. But, i don't wear any of it.
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I love women who wear contact lens.It adds to their beauty but as a person,I cant wear it because I feel its to risky.


Contact lenses don't get in the way when you are doing sports

It provides a wider field of view causing less vision distortion

It is not affected by weather conditions it won't fog up in cold weather.

Some contact lens reshape your cornea while you sleep,thereby temporarily correcting myopia,so you can see clearly the next day without the need for lens


If you accidentally fall asleep while wearing daily contact lens,your eyes can become dry,gritty,red and irritated when you wake up.

Contact lens required care and daily cleaning and if you don't take care of it,then you must be prepared for some serious eye infection.

If you work with a computer daily, then wearing contact lens may contribute to the symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

Some people have problem applying contact lens to their eyes

With this pros and cons,u can decide wether to use contact lens or do away with it but I as a person, I can't and will never use it.
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