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Do you enjoy fixing nails? 

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2 Answers

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It's been a long time since I fixed my nails and decorated it. I just trimmed them every now and then.I don't have nice shape of nails,especially toes. It's like a ginger shape but beautiful ginger one. I hardly take good care of my self now a days especially of two children that I am the only one who take care the most.  Fixing nails, decorating it, is good and look good as well as making myself rewarding. I just fixed my hair last week so my next mission are my nails. It will only take few minutes for me to do it, so I will find ways to do it during my free time. because if I do it with my little kids around, they will just touch everything they see and joined me.

I cannot go to parlor ro pay someone to do may nails since it is really expensive and it will onyl take a while and doesn't last longer.
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I don't fix nails and I don't think I will ever do that though I see these associated more with women than men though some guys do fix their nails and I wonder why. I think it one of the ways people  beautiful their nails some want it way longer than what nature offers so they rather buy the artificial ones that will suit in the length of the nails in their head.

I don't think I will feel comfortable with a fixed nails because I do so much with my fingers and as such I wouldn't want any obstruction when I'm ready to really get busy.

I see nail fixing to be done by those that does less work because I know those that needs to work almost all the time wouldn't fix nails because of the numerous jobs one will be using the fingers to do. Well if anyone like his or her nails fixed,so be it.
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