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Do you like women who fixes nails? 
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Itvis nirmal for women who likes fixing their mails, some men do that too.

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I like fashionable ladies especially those that can really put everything together.whether it about eyes, nails or lips provided it done neatly and it mostly helps to enhance one's beauty. I know alot of women fixes their nails in a very weird way. I saw one lady in the cinema the other day and the nails were as long as the eagles own and now painted it light red, it was so queer for my liking and I was wondering how she does anything with those nails. One thing with humans is that we don't know when to stop and how to be moderate about anything we need to do. I don't dislike women fixing their nails because my wife does but the problem is doing it to be besutiful than looking too weird.
The nails  used should be short just like one's nail and the painting should be properly done.
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One thing i have never been fond of is for someone trying to be somebody else. why can't i just be me and be loved for me? that's a question i always like to ask myself when i see women trying to be or act like somebody else. i cannot help it it just comes to mind. Anyway i do not like fixed nails for the simple reason they look or rather seem to be very uncomfortable, based on the way i have seen women hold stuff. Ask yourself this question why would someone want to put fake nails? is it because it's fashionable, or is it because others are wearing them? or is it because you are not comfortable in your own skin. Could it be that women wear fake nails because they don't feel pretty enough? I think i would say yes to that. I know many women love to have long well manicured nails, and the only way to achieve that is the fake nails.i get it, they look nice but why not just grow your nails, It's a different issue for those who cannot grow their nails long, it's okay to have fixed nails, but on my side i would rather keep my natural nails i like them that way, plus it's easier to maintain.

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