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Is is a myth or not?

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The original saying was " eat an apple before going to bed and you will keep the doctor from earning his bread, which evolved into the current format noted in your question. Apples are fraught with vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients and other chemicals which prevent diseases. There is a study indicating one of apple's nutrients quercetin prevents neuron degeneration in the brain. This in turn may have a protective effect against certain types of dementia such as Alzheimer's disease. Cancers, hypertension, cardiac disease and diabetes display are reduced incidence for people who have ingested apples over a long period of time. A study of nearly 10,000 individuals shows a reduction in strokes with long term apple ingestion. The list of benefits of eating "raw"apples is long. One of nature's greatest foods apples should be part of everyone's diet if they are not allergic to them. Thank you for allowing me to answer your question. Mark Davis, MD
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I am not aware the original saying and yes apple is very nutritious. 
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One thing that I have always believed in life is the need for many of us to always focus on what is essential when life is concerned. The thing that I have come to notice is that eating fruits is one of the best ways that we always get to look nice and fit.

While I am  not the type of person that will enjoy eating apple everyday, I always try to find out the fruits that is around my neighborhood and try to eat them. Where I am living, we have fruits such as pineapple, oranges and mango. The season of cashew is not yet here, but I don't play with the fruits that are available now and one of them is watermelon. This is one of the sweetest fruits that you can take and there is a saying that it helps one to have a strong hormones to fight diseases as well. So, I think that what they meant is that we should eat fruits always.
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That is true, health is wealth and it us important to maintain our good health.

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