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Beermoney Forum is a forum site that pays people to post online job reviews. People are paid to post an online program or talk about the program in the comments. Has anyone ever tried this site before? They have a lot of money making opportunities on the forum.
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I joined this forum some time ago but did not stay long as I was told to "Clear off" by the owner when I queried having to put up two money making threads per day. I said I wasn't sure if I could find two a day that hadn't already been posted and he came back at me with that remark. I decided the forum wasn't for me but some people do very well there.
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I'm a member of beer money forum and it is a great paid to post forum. Although very strict but definitely worth it. It has got great content that you can always refer to while making some research about money making online. Plus the pay is good. 
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I have worked on this site for some time now. I've never had an issue with the owner or the site. I know that people will post trash on the site and just repeat answers one after another. It gets boring to read all of this. Then some of the reviews are basically copied and pasted on the site. This makes it hard to know what to think of the review one way or another. I've been paid quite a bit from this site and it is a good site to learn from. I'd use this as a reference site and as a passive income site. You won't get rich, but the knowledge on the site is great. 

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There's a new forum more like beer money forum and it pays pretty well unlike beer money forum and its called earn that Buck forum.You can search the net and learn more about it.

So far only one country has been blocked from accessing the site and that's Malaysia with reasons only known by the admin,but anyone else in the world can work in that forum.

For every thread you make goes at 50 points,a comment goes at 25 points,someone likes your posts you get 5 points.You can redeem your points as soon as you have 1000 points in your wallet which is equivalent to $1 and payment is done once a month which is 5th of every month.Have seen one payment proof and I can suggest this forum.
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Thank you for the information. However, this forum is rather strict and to write up a full blown review that is around 500 - 800 words long for 5 cents isn't worth my time or efforts. The reviews on this site are fully detailed reviews that a person must write up in order to earn from this site. This is a bit much for 5 cents. 

The comments on this site are rather long and you'll need to make a comment that is around 300 or more characters long for 2.5 cents.

Beermoney Forum is paying 5 cents for a new review and 2 cents for a comment. The reviews on this site don't need to be as long as the ones on the other site. Furthermore, you'll only need 100 characters to earn money on this site. As for referrals and likes the company is paying the same. The only difference I see on this site is the fact they are paying you to change your avatar. 

The site looks like a mirror copy of Beermoney Forum and you still have the same requirements to cash out on the site. I think for the time and effort spent on a forum that Beermoney forum has the best offers and payment system. 
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Months ago I had joined there once. But soon they banned me by saying that I made some kind of spam. Actually I just answered a question there like how to earn online x dollars daily online or something like that. I was answering to that question with some ideas along with the site to join for the same. But they considered it as spam. I can't find any logic in these kind if forums as how can one tell about a website without sharing the domain name. Or should I make a riddle there like first letter b, two words, one to drink and other to buy something with a com tld etc etc? Even quora and answeree accept links. Why can't these forums make these external links nofollow? I personally hate forums. Love Q&As.
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Have been a member of this site for almost a year now but unfortunately things have greatly changed in the site since this year January. Lots of members were banned and others on the warning list.Suddenly there was issue of spam,whereby one's posts could be marked as thrash then points deducted.In short,things are really hard in that site as we are speaking and its not easy to earn as it was sometime before.The best solution is, just ensure you post content actually they like if one can share ways of earning online by giving out the sites.

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