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It really depends on what shape of the face you have, I have oval face and I like my hair shorter than long because I can look more younger than having a long hair.

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Having a short hair make guys look younger. it's true because they look cleaner mostly to the guys who always have a long hair with a mustache and decided to change their look. especially to the guys who have a small round face shape the really look younger if they have a short hair. Here is the sample picture of a guy who has a long hair and a short hair.

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That is looking good, he is more better looking guy when he got a haircut. Good decision he had made.
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I'm not actually sure that short hair will make a guy look younger or not. However, if you had long hair and everyone was so used to seeing you with your hair when you cut your hair, it will change your appearance. This can give the illusion that you look younger.

Some people just look younger, to begin with, and no matter if they keep their hair long or short they will still look young. While other people don't look as good in short hair so they keep their hair a bit longer. Having short or long hair will depend on your face. If you have a full round face it is better to keep your hair a bit longer. This will hide some of the roundness in your face. But if you have a slimmer face, then the short hair will bring out your facial features.

I do know if a man had a mustache and decided to cut it off, this will make him look a lot younger. I'm not sure why this one happens but when it is gone, it seems like they have a babyface now. So if you cut your hair short and shaved off a mustache, then your answer is yes, this will make you look younger.
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I really don't think so,the whole thing of looking young is just how someone keep themselves,I mean eating healthy and exercising regularly.

About the short hair, I think its because maintaining a short hair is easy and cheap than having a long hair which will cost one much especially maintaining it.
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Long hair that's not well comped will obviously make you look shaggy, dirty and older than what you are. If you pick randomly two people of the same age one with shaggy long hair and the other one with short neat hair, you will obviously be made to think that the shaggy guy is older than the neat guy. So my advice to you is that don't keep too long hair if you can't attend to it if you are keeping long hair make sure it's neat and well comped on daily basis.
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Hair is the important thing that usually changes the look of the people's face.thats why people always run behind trying different new hairstyle now and then.

But actually trying different hairstyle effects one hair and give more damage .the question you have asked actually changes for the person to person face cut.every hairstyle does suit for all .

Some people will look good some don't.. length of the doesn't make a person look age but the style they chose completely changes one's face look.
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My girlfriend has long hair before and she looks teenager, she decided to cut her hair to short and now she looks like a kid because of her hair and height, for me hair really affects others impression to everyone, and some falling inlove to someone because of their hair. Some actors or actresses getting attractive because of their hairstyles. So yes, for me cutting your hair, or making it long can change everyones impression about you, it can turn you looks like a kid, or an teenager, or an adult, but still it is depends on how you handle your movement with your hairstyle.

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