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I believe the Bible never, ever contradicts itself. God does not ever regret.

Numbers 23:19

" God is not a man, that He should lie; neither the son of man, that He should repent: hath he said and shall not do it? Or hath He spoken, and shall he not make it good?"

Now, this is God! He does not repent or regret. What he says goes.

Genesis 6:6

"And it repented the Lord that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at His heart."

Can somebody explain to me these verses. Can God regret?

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God is the creator of everything on earth whom who have sin will be not forgiven if only that person will asked for forgiveness then his sin will be forgiven, but God along don't repent becayuse he is not a sinner.
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God himself was not a sinner. he is the savior of the world he died for us on the cross so that our sins could be free of sin who has ever or will ever beat that price that was paid. he created this world in his own image everything in it belongs to him how then can he have any regrets.

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GOD IS GOD and HE is ABOVE ALL THINGS. Above all  HE is so HOLY. Now to  my understanding with the two verses you need to first of all understand the reason as to why HE regretted in Genesis chapter 6, It was because of the wickedness of human beings, humans had committed such grievous evil in the sight of GOD. If you read from the beginning of that chapter six, the bible says that even the sons of GOD had turned away from GOD. The sons of GOD are the people who have the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD, they had turned away from GOD and had involved themselves with sexual sin with the daughters of the world, so you can see when it comes to sexual sin the LORD regretted having created man.
Look at Isaiah 59:2. when it comes to sin the LORD is ready to separate HIMSELF from man. OUR GOD IS VERY HOLY and for us to have a relationship with HIM we must purge away all the evil of this world.
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It is true that God does not tolerate sexually related sins. They are sins against the holy temple of God. Joseph told Potiphar's wife that he could not sin against God. Sexual immorality is a sin against God directly. ThThat why He regretted ever making the man.

Yet, the man never learns his lesson. He continually commits this sin. I really feel very sorry to see how people have turned away from normal sex into perversity. There is a reward there for all this.

God is God. All things are on his palms. He is ready to punish evildoers. 
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Well, I don't think God can regret anything because he is the alpha and Omega. He declares the end from the beginning,so before anything happens God had known about it and might not regret about it or else he would have prevented it. As Christian I want to believe that whatever we do especially those sins that we are unrepentant about God will continue to give us a long rope to repent and get back to him but if we continue to resist he will let some recuppersion come so that we might learn and returned back to him. God is a merciful father all the time and as such he always want us to live above frustration so that we will love him more. So I don't think it can so regret about creating any being. Instead he will want us to live happily still he come again.
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Well,I'm not a Bible scholar neither do I go to church but from the two verses you mentioned in your question,the first verse means God is the greatest.He is not man.He is not made of dust.So..he cannot do what men do.He cannot lie..he cannot repent because he is perfect.

The second verse means that God regretted creating man because men were not obeying him.Men were committing sin.Men did not care about God. This made God to regret creating humans and giving them freewill

From my own point of view,I don't believe in freewill. Their are lots of contradiction in the Bible. God knew how things would end even before creating humans. Humans turning out to be wicked and sinful should not  surprise God since everything has been predestined to happen.

On a final note, I believe their is God but the religion that will get me to him is what I'm yet to find out.There are many religion in this world and they all have their God and worship him in their own way
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First of all, I want to correct the impression you made by saying the bible never contradicts itself. That's totally wrong. The bible has hundreds of verses contradicting one and another. And am going to state a few below to support my argument. 

1. for by grace are ye saved through faith...not by works. - Ephesians 2:8,9

Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only. - James 2:24

2. No man hath seen God at anytime. - John 1:

For I have seen God face to face. - Genesis 32:30

There are countless other verses in the bible that contradict each other at different occasions. 

Going back to the question, I think I have simple answer to it. Am not going to say exactly what meaning I derived from it, i'll let you decide for yourself. This answer is coming from a verse in the bible. 

For I am the lord, i change not. - Malachi 3:6

And the lord repented of the evil, which he thought to do unto his people. - Exodus 32:14

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God is supernatural being and cannot or will not make mistake. Because he has or possessed the power to determine, dictate and coordinate the affairs of living and all existence. God created everything for a purpose and reason. He created human being and jin to worship and praise his mighty and greatness and He equally created the heaven and the hell fire to reward active and humble service likewise hell to to reward to reward disloyalty.
When God createdcreated men in perfection and decided to make the pronouncement before the angels; God already knew that  some of His angels will kick against the creation because of the uniqueness. So in order to show or prove to the angels. He provided a more knowledge to the creation which the angels don't have. God already know about loyalty and disobedience; which is why he created paradise and hell fire.
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The Lord of hosts is the ever faithful God. The omnipotent and the omnipresent. What God has done for us in this life should make us understand that he never regrets. From the things that he has done for mankind right from the time that he began the work of creation to the time that we are alive, it should be a good way for us to understand how good and awesome that our God is. If we go further in the scriptures of the Lord, you get to see that God is not man and his ability to know what is going to happen in the future even before we were born should be a sign for that. All we need to always do is for us to submit to his majesty and power always. Furthermore, he said that even his foolishness is better than the wisdom of man and such makes it pretty fine for us to understand what life is all about.
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The king makes regrettable mistakes sometimes while delivering judgement to his subjects no doubt about that.
The architect also makes mistakes sometimes while drawing out plans for buildings.
The man of God also makes regrettable mistakes sometimes in life simply because he is human.
God the supernatural,  created all these people above despite that they have their limitations but the Almighty God does not and will never regret anything whatsover,  He command that Be and it becomes immidately.
God never regret that he created the human because since the creation of human being,  He knows everything such soul will pass through and the soul will becomes before returning back to him so He is never surprise neither does He regret.
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A figure of speech is a departure from normal discourse to emphasize something. A SIMILE emphasizes a similarity between two things by merely saying it: "You are like a dog." The figure rests entirely on one word. A METAPHOR does the same by saying they are the same: "You are a dog." Then we have a big word. HYPOCATASTASIS just calls the fellow "Dog!"

God is not a human, so He does not have human emotions, arms, hands, and so on. He CONDESCENDS to be described in human terms. Another example of condescension is saying that a man "gets up on his hind legs." A man does not have hind legs, an animal does. So the man condescends to be described in words that refer to an animal.
E. W. Bullinger wrote a book "Figures Of Speech In The Bible" describing about 900 kinds of figures, with dozens of variations of some. You can find it at or any book store.

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