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Since in the beginning people have rebelled against GOD. Does it mean GOD'S commands are very hard to be followed? 
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Because we are human and we have our choices to have made, the decisions we did in our life is how God created us. Human disobeys because they want to do things on their own don't want someone to make them follow.
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We humans disobey God because we do not know who God is., if we did we would not disobey him. once you are aware of who God is in your life and what he is all about disobeying him will never cross your mind. we disobey God because we feel following his commands is too heavy for us to handle, but he's burden is usually the lightest.

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I want to believe that humans being imperfect beings is just the root cause of disobedience.one can't expect total obedience from an imperfect being. Even God has said there's no righteous one on Earth simply because we can't just pleased him wholly.

I don't think God's commandments are too strict but it just they way we are. We are mere mortals that are sure of abusing, sinning,and doing what we aren't allow to do. I think our first parents Adam and Eve did brought in sin into the world by disobeying God and then been cursed by God. I always want to believe that this also affected us and the whole world.

Humans just have to see how they can abstain from sin though it never easy but we could just try to make it happen and ofcourse this come with blessings.
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I don't have any religion but I study religious texts and from my observation, I can deduce that we all have that sin nature in us.

Disobeying God is a universal problem and when you disobey God,then you have sinned against him.Sin means 'to miss the mark" or to fail to adhere to God"s righteous standards.The truth is we are all physical beings,therefore,sin dwell in us.We have limited natural ability to properly live up to right standards and values.The flesh is weak and the weakness of the flesh gives birth to sin.

We may have the desire to obey God but our flesh is susceptible to temptation.Like I said earlier, we are physical beings with a material constitution similar to animals.We share with animals a biochemical composition.Our life support systems of blood and breath are essentially the same.We were created from dust we are living,breathing fleshly beings,biochemical entities formed from the dust of the earth.It does not mean we have some immortal soul or some spirit encased in human flesh. We are from the dust and our physical bodies subject us to weaknesses that can lead to sin,thereby disobeying God
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God in his infinity Mercy has created all human being in a unique way with act of forgetfulness and imperfections.
Human beings disobey God most times out of ignorance because most people don't know much about the teachings of the do's and don'ts of God.
The worldly things available today are so attractive,  deceptive and distracting such that we are more interested and comfortable with them such that we tend to forget God.

The desire for money is the most dangerous areas where majority of us disobey God because lots of ways people use to acquire wealth today are not the right ways, they always bride the teachings and commandments of God.
The lifestyle currently live by most people today across the globe are totally against the will of God and this is a total disobedience.
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We are only but humans. That means we are imperfect beings. We always have selfish desires that we wish to fulfill. We always want things even when we don't need them. I've come to understand that as humans, many things come into play to make us a single entity. Like the Ying yang, we are parallels inside.

Inside of us, we decide what we want to manifest and often times, it is a struggle between opposites. We learn the word of God but sometimes, the other part gets the best of us.

Another thing is that, we are more aware of the ones and the things that we can see. You'll find that humans obey and fear their superiors more than they do God. That is why consistent connection with God makes it easier and we can repent as soon as we realize our sins.
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God's command or commandments are never difficult to follow or to obey. But human being are created with much deficiencies or short comings to make mistakes and forgetful. The human system is designed in such a way that it easily gets used to circumstances bby adaptation. And in the same tune, the system love enjoyment notinding how and where it comes from. The consequences as at the time men want to disobey God, is just like mirage.

If we trace back the genesis of disobedience and forgetfulness down to the creation of Adam and eve, you will believe will believe with me that they both forgot the instructions given to them by God and went ahead to disobey knowing fully that there will be consequences.

I think people disobey God more because of His promise of forgiveness and because everything in the opposite side of the. Commandment looks good on surface.
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Mommy tells Baby not to touch the stove. Baby touches the stove. Why? You might answer that question in a lot of ways. Baby explains it clearly: "I want to do it MYSELF!"

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