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Too hot is not good to drink, and definitely you cannot drink hot water, it will burn your mouth and your esophagus down to your liver.

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There are no serious negative side effects as long its not too hot, and only issue from drinking too much hot water or any water is spending more of your time rushing to washroom.

Else in moderate quantity it has lot of health benefits such as - improve sinus health,helps fight cold, reduce pain and healthy skin by improving blood circulation, healthy digestive system,detoxification,help body fight infections, helps body cell in absorbing nutrients, and also helps in weight loss...and in case you are addicted to tea or coffee ,it can serve as good replacement.

So you just have to make sure that your water is at the right temperature and there you have a one of the best health drinks one could ever get, and its cheaper

to other health drinks by alot.

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Their are several benefits of taking hot water but excess consumption of hot water has some serious side effects.

Excess consumption of hot water can increase the workload of the kidney and if the workload of the kidney is increased, this could cause the kidney to break down .

Excess hot water consumption can also dilute the electrolytes in the blood and and this will cause water to flow from the blood into the cells to maintain a balance.If this persist,it can lead to the swelling of brain cells.This can exert cranial pressure and cause headaches.

Although, drinking hot water can lead to increased metabolism but consuming excess water can disturb your sleep pattern because of the fact that you will urinate frequently at night.

Drinking hot water is has its benefits but drinking surplus is dangerous.
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There aren't many complications to drinking hot water. As long as it isn't at boiling point. I highly doubt that you'd be able to drink water at that temperature. I think you meant drinking warm water.

Having your water warm comes with a lot of health benefits. It aids digestion and reduces congestion and constipation. Some ancient cultures advice drinking of warm water as part of the ways of holistic living. It aids circulation of blood through out the body. It cleanses the intestines and has the capacity to relieve sinus headaches alongside many other things.

Even, people are advised to drink warm water first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It is even better if you add a slice of lemon. It makes a great detox.
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There are little or no negative effect of taking excess water because it is very good for the body system especially warm water.
When water is very hot offcourse it will damage some cells that are sensitive to high temperature and eventually cause pain.
However, when you take warm or cold water in gallons then it will lead to wearing of the circulatory system because of the unnecessary expansion that will occur in it, the kidney will also find it difficult to get rid of the waste water which may later return to the blood and dilute beyond normal,  this drop the sodium level and leads to water intoxication.
The excessive intake of water can also affects the brain because it the brain takes more than necessary then function abnormally.
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In China, they drink hot or warm water and do not drink cold water. They say it is better for you and not a shock to your body. I have never been one to drink hot water unless I am making tea or something like this to drink. I like the refreshing taste of cold water. But in some countries, it is necessary to boil water before you drink it. I think this is why a lot of people in China will drink hot water verses cold water. 

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