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Can you suggest me some tips, books or herbal medicine to increase my kid's concentration.

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You can request your student to do the following when reading their assignment or a book that you've assigned for them to read. 

  1. The person must take notes while reading the assignment. 
  2. You can either give an outline on the type of notes that must be taken or just leave this up to the student to decide. 
  3. If you want the student to understand what they have read, you can create a set of questions that must be answered every 5 to 10 pages.  Write up 3 to 5 questions that must be answered while reading the assignment. You can make the question flow with the page or you can mix them up. This will depend on you. Normally, it would be best to have them answer the questions while they are reading.
  4. Break the assignment up into smaller assignments. Assign a small number of pages to each task.
  5. Give a short amount of time to read a set number of pages in class. After the time has ended, have a discussion on the pages read. Give everyone a chance to talk about it. Make it an open discussion so that all the students can get involved.
  6. Make the students turn in their notes on the pages they read for the assignment. This way you can help them out and give them suggestions on how to write a set of good notes.
  7. the notes can be used for taking the test.
  8. In a few classrooms, the teachers allow students to take notes when reading their assignment. During the test, they can only use their notes to help them with the test. This will improve the notes and what a student gets out of the reading assignment. 
  9. You can require the student to write 3 paragraphs about what they read. This might be in class and not when they are reading. Let them know they can write down notes and use the notes to summarize their assignment. 

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I don't think drugs are the best solutions,let it come naturally from the kid that he's willing to read.

First, kids have their favourite and worst subjects.Take sometime and realise which kind of subjects your kids enjoy to read and the one's de doesn't.Once you realise this you'll be able to understand the reason why he's not concentrating.Some solutions.
1.)Advice your kid that whenever he's doing some personal studies, to jot down the important things so that he'll go through after done with reading.
2.)Once he's done reading, he should take some minutes like 15 minutes to reflect on what he's been reading.
3.)When he's reading he should avoid destruction like phone and other stuff and concentratein the books for only a short time like 15minutes.
4.)Finally, when reading should always have some cold water aside and maybe at times have some refreshing chewing gum.Science believe that this boosts concentration.

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First, how old are them? Are they younger than 10 years of age? If not, then you can use an app to play while they are reading books. Sometimes you need to test their reading and comprehensions, like giving them something to read for 5 minutes and ask them a question about what they read. Keep doing it and you know who are the ones that are weak then you just need to give them an assignment but you can add a little of pop test on the next day to test their reading concentration. Again on the specific student you find it hard to concentrate of what they read, you just need to give them some additional things to read or ask them what makes it difficult for them to focus and concentrate of what they read. Sometimes you need to know where are they coming from.

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