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Do you always plug in your laptop to charge always or is there a specific hours you need to charge it in a day? 

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I don't really like my laptop now because of battery's problem, and it's expensive to buy new one. I always charge it most of the say because it will only last 1 hour of straight use after fully charge. Before, i removed the battery and just plug it in just like computer, now I just leave the battery in it and just charge while using it.
Its okay for me to plug it in but, I have kids with me and they easily can reach the cord as we don't have computer room so they can't touch my stuff, especially its electric.
I know my battery is sucks any, so I just leave it while charging and removed the charger when it's fully charged. I think the half of the day it will plug into the wall. I always watchful and precautions since its not safe at all to charge it while battery is on, it will downgrade the life expectany of it.
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I try as much as I can to charge my laptop whenever there's light and it unfortunate that I'm in a country and especially in a region that light is almost a luxury as in we could stay the whole day with no light,so I just leave my laptop plugin like permanently in the  electric socket so that whenever light comes in I'm sure to have a charged lappy whether I'm around or not, so if I'm to go by the little time we have light here I will say I do charge my laptop approximately about 5-6 hours daily and a good thing is that I have a battery that charges very fast so even with the short time the light comes on, I'm always sure of having a fully charged battery.
I'm planning of buying a laptop charger it will really help to keep me powered on for long so that I can be working online well without hitches.
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I am mostly on mobile to run my activities on but I eventually have to use  Laptop , I don't plug it to source of light while I am working with it,  i prefer it is fully charged before I use it,  I use it for the day to run my activities online but once the battery life drops to 30% I fixed the charger and stop using it so as to allow it get charged especially if I have little or nothing to do online.
The implication of charging your laptop while using is that wear off the battery faster than it should and it makes the laptop to heat up more compare to when it is not plugged. Though there are situation that we may not have choice than to use it while charging it but it shouldn't be regular thing that will done every day except you want the battery to wear off earlier.
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If you have a removable battery it is a good idea to remove the battery if you are working for a long time on your laptop. This will help to preserve the battery life of your laptop. I would only charge the battery when you want to take the laptop away from home and use it someplace else. Otherwise only charge your battery when it is dead and do a full charge on the battery. Many people use the charger and forget to remove the battery. In the end the laptop battery will only last for an hour or two if you continue to do this. 

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