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Have you heard anything about western union?

It's an online financial platform for sending and receiving money from all over the world. 

What's your experience with using Western Union? 

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Yes, and it's one of the money remittance commonly use around the world,especially Philippines. I have used once the Wester Union service over two years ago, and I find it that they really do the service very quickly and in just few minutes,once you successfully send the money, and they  input on their system, the person you have send it for ,they will get it right away.One of my friend using western union to send money to her family in the Philippines and they can get it right away, unlike when you send it bank to bank, it will take up 5 days before your family will received the money. They have website where you can create your account and validate it with legal documents and ID in order to use the system and you can send money using their website.It is for safety and security purposes.
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Western Union is probably one of the oldest companies in our time. Western Union is an American financial service provider, as well as communication service provider. Western Union was founded in Rochester, New York, United states by Ezra Cornell in the year of 1851. It's original service provided was the exchange of telegram, and it continued in that line until the operation was shut down in 2006. Today, Western Union primarily engages in the services of money orders, wire transfers, money transfers and exchange, etc. Hence, if you're a frequent financial operator operating across borders, then it's likely you've heard about or used western union services.
Personally, i've used western union services severally and I haven't any cause to complain. Their services was fast, efficient and can be very reliable to meet any expectations. There's also good security revolving around transactions which means your money orders are completely safe. I think western union is a very good service and I recommend it to anyone looking to make transactions in the line of their services.

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