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Someone told me about Ria money transfer but I don't know anything about it. 

I would like to know what you know about Ria money transfer? 
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IT's a subsidiary of Euronet worldwide inc., and specializes in money remittances. 

 It carries out transfer via network of agents and company owned stores which are spread  world wide and online as well. It is provider of  world's third largest money transfer service.

It also powers walamart's "walamart-2-walmart" money transfer service in US between customers and over more than 4600 stores.

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Yes, and one of my friend is using it to transfer money to her family members abroad. But never use it as I have one trusted one already.

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I have heard about Ria money transfer where there are located in North America, Europe, Africa, online etc and what happens here is remittance of money to different continents of the world. I think it okay for anyone to use because from the review online there's no issue of scam associated with them.
One can  send good amount of money daily to the tune of $2000 plus through Ria money transfer. The maximum is peg at about $7000 plus.
Sending money through Ria is very easy just create an account on the site and sign up for free, then indicate how you want the money to get to your recipients, next you simply add information about your recipients and click on the payment processor and then press send and you're done.

It very easy and simple to operate.

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