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Do you think there was a site that wasn't helpful but just time wasting?
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Swagbucks. I had to complete so many offers, only to get a very small reward. Waste of time.

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Making money online may look easy but sorry to burst your bubble,its not that easy.If you are looking for some extra bucks,then you can try online paid sites.This websites won't make you rich.

Their are lots of sites that promise good pay but at the end of the day,You discover they are time wasters.

Topping my list are the survey sites.You may not get one survey in a month and even if you are lucky to get a survey,you may most likely be notified that the survey is not for you.The annoying thing is that you would have spent several minutes filling this survey form before you are notified.

Pay to chat sites are also time wasters.I joined a site recently and after using my internet,spending so much time answering questions ,chatting with other users,I was blocked .No email was sent.My earning was gone.I just could not access the site anymore.It was later I saw online that that is the norm. Once you have made some money,they will just block you.

Pay to read news sites are also time wasters.You may be told to click on a news link for 7dollars and after earning so much,you won't be able to cash out.Most of this sites are just scam sites.
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I run away always from sites that their rewards are too good to be true. I read reviews by site's users first before joining them. 
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There are lots of time wasting sites that neither earn us reasonable money nor benefits us mentally.  These sites includes:

PTC sites,  major of the Ptc sites are very low paying sites that may require one to keep clicking on daily basis for 6 months before you can $10 , this clicks do not add any value to us because majority of us to even read this ads.

Surveys sites are another sites that are time wasting especially if you are from tier 2 and 3 countries,  you will keep checking the site on daily basis without surveys, when you eventually get one to two surveys, you either succeed in one and get disqualify for the other,  it is very possible that you may just earn $1 in 3 months which is a pure time wasting sites.
Lots of sites that promised good rewards for just referring people to join their sites are mostly scam sites that waste people's time and end up not paying them.
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I agree with you PTC sites are really time wasting for me. The pay per click is just too low and most are outright scam. 
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Yes to be honest with you. Am not going to be specific by stating names, but i've come across so many so called money making sites which turned out to be a complete waste of time. Most of these sites are only out to prey on unsuspecting online users looking to make some genuine cash. I call them scam sites.

Survey sites are probably one the most time wasting sites you can ever come across. They promise certain amount of cash after answering  several questions over a set period of time, but fail to almost always deliver on the promise. The annoying part is that most survey kick of with asking several questions for some minutes, after which you'll later be notified that you didn't qualify for the survey. Imagine all that time wasted. And even those that happen to go through sometimes, end up paying lesser than the stipulated amount before the start of the survey.

Another perfect example of some scam sites as explained above will be PTC (paid to click) sites. The majority of those sites are scam because they tend not to deliver on the promise made to users during registration. The momemt you sign up and log in, the reality on the site becomes completely different from prior adverts before sign up. And even the few who happen to be no scam, it takes a really long time to make money with them. Imagine making $0,0050 after spending more than half an hour clicking and undergoing various task on a site. It will take ages to make a single dollar. The worst of it is that you'll need to make a certain amount before cash out, usually above $20. In my opinion, these types of sites are no different from scam sites as they fail to deliver on their promise.
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It can be very annoying that the pay per click is just too low while the payout is very high. Like this $20 minimum cashout. This is pure scam. 
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Oh have I come across so many sites that were a complete waste of my time and other resources. This happened when I was really new to online earning. I believed almost anything I learned. It happened in the way that I didn't have anyone telling me the kind of sites to join and the ones to avoid. I learned the hard way.

I'm glad that I know better and I don't waste my time on such sites once I see the red flag. You'll never find me on paid to click sites, captcha sites, high yield investment plans, multi level marketing, paid to download and the likes.

Although some of these kinds of sites that I mentioned work pretty well for some, for me, they are a total waste of time. There are many factors to consider and I just know that it would turn out awful.
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I always wonder if people really cashout from captcha site. It seems it a very tedious site to accomplish and people always lose interest sooner or later. 

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