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I still have my old clothes 10 years ago, and they still look good and I can't let it go yet even it doesn't fit to me anymore. I am trying to loose some pounds so I can wear them back. I always keep my clothes fold and make sure it doesn't get where I store it cause it becomes moldy. I hate winter because of this reason, cold sweats can make your storage molds if you don't check it every now and then.
Proper washing, dry it our completely and it's also depends on what type of clothing you have. There are some types of material that doesn't last long. Since we don't have proper storage at home, I store my old clothes at the traveling case. Some of them I am still using especially the  one is stretchy. Mostly, that doesn't fit me are my pants and some dresses. Some old clothes I have been given to charity so someone who has not enough can wear it.
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I like it when people maintain their belongings especially clothes. It allows you to save money .Maintaining and repairing your belongings is a way of living a zero wasteful life.Some tips you can use to maintain your old clothes include:

Constant use of dryers can cause  tiny micro tears on your cloth which can reduce the longetivity of your clothes.In other words,dryers are rough on your clothes.Drying fabrics at 150 degree Fahrenheit only twenty 20 times makes it twice as easy to tear.Although clothes are not safe when dried without heat either but it only leads to 24% loss,only half as bad as hot cycles.In other words,the mechanical tumbling action is the main cause of fabric tear.

Handwashing your clothes is another way to extend their lifespan. Don't use hard soaps or detergents to wash them.

Be careful when you wring your clothes out.Press the water out gently and lay them flat to dry on a drying rack.

A great way to maintain the quality of your cloth is to stretch washes. Don't wash your clothes every time especially your jeans.Wash your clothes  only when they are dirty. To avoid them stinking, you can spread them outside so that they can breath.let them air out.

Their are some other tips you can follow to maintain your old clothes. You can check online for some other tips.
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Don't machine wash. Tumbling around in the machine it generally very hard on the material of your clothing and will cause it to stretch, lose color, or tear. The extreme heat in your dryers also treats your clothing roughly. The solution is to hand wash your clothes to escape the rough-and-tumble of your washing machine and the intense heat in your dryer. You can just use soap for your clothes, or detergent and stain removers for larger stains. Afterwards, just hang up your clothes near a vent or by the window to air dry.
Secondly, don't ball up your clothes. Folding them is better but will cause creases and also make them have a shorter life span. It's better to hang them up in your closet to keep them nice and straight.
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There are several ways that old clothes can be maintained. First, you have to launder the clothes well, and preferably according to the directions given on the tag. However, the manufacturer may not give specific details, such as the type of laundry detergent that must be used for a certain fabric. For animal fibers, such as wool and silk, gentle detergents should be used while washing in the gentle cycle or while hand washing. Examples of gentle detergents include Woolite (Gentle Wash) and Seventh Generation laundry detergent. For thicker fabrics, such as tweed or denim, you can use regular detergent. You can also choose detergent based on the color of the fabric, such as black and dark colors. Woolite makes a detergent specifically for black clothes and another one for dark colors. After washing black clothes and dark-colored clothes, one should have a lint brush to get rid of the lint.
You also need to invest in a good iron, and be careful to follow the instructions on the label. The delicate fabrics need the lower setting and the stronger fabrics need the higher setting.
For moth protection, you can try the camphor balls and cedar wood in the closets and the clothes drawers. When hanging up the clothes, you can use slim velvet clothes hangers. These don't damage the clothes and they save closet space.
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I know a friend of mine and I found him perfect in doing this activity. He arranges them in such a way to use clothes for a certain time after that he preserves them after a few years he brings them out and cleans them and use them again. For preservation he use BAGS.
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I am a kind of person that wears one cloth for donkey years so far the cloth is still in good condition.Buying clothes every time is just a waste of money.Such money could be channelled into something more lucrative and important.

My first advice for you is to always buy quality clothes. No matter how much effort you put into cloth maintainance,if the cloth is of low quality, it won't last .No matter how mild the soap is,a shoddy cloth is likely to fade after the first wash.

Another tip is to always wash it when dirty.Don't leave the dirt's and stains to be too comfy on your cloth.

Use mild soap when washing your cloth.Harsh soap will definitely make your cloth fade in no time.

One other tip I find useful is to avoid spreading clothes in the sun.You can spread it in a cool place.

I hope this tips help.
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I have some clothes I have had for over 20 years and they still look brand new. The best way to keep your clothes looking good is to not bleach them and wash them in cold water. I do not have a dryer so I hang my clothes outside. To stop them from fading and looking bad I normally dry them wrong side out. This helps them to stay looking nice and the sun to not bleach out the color of my clothes. You should hang your closes on the line by the shoulders and make sure not to stretch out the neck of your clothes.

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