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Everything was set up and it's time for meeting up, How do you deal with these buyers who intended to buy your products for pick upand after you have given the address where the meeting place is, they don't turn up?

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Similar thing or invents has ever happened to me while I was serving my boss few years ago. I was working under a firm in its marketing department where each person is given target of customers and sales to meet up per month and over year. This customer I met in a supermarket and advertised our product to him and he actually liked it so we exchanged contact.

We started talking over the chat to negotiate the terms and conditions of the transactions. He was excited and we both agreed to meet and deliver the product and transact the business and sincerely he didn't show up. I felt very bad at that point but I placed the situation as human with possible circumstances that must have hinder him from showing up. I tried to put a call across but it didn't connect. So I sent a caring text to ask after his wellbeing and few days later I received a reply from him appreciating my text and requesting ten times first order.
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That is really one of the problem when transacting with people, there are who will be honest and there who are just playing up a game. Especially, you a re in a competitive world.
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In life whenever I have any thing to do, I try to make room for disappointment because I know life situations come with two sides of the coin both good and bad and sometimes we can't blame them because they might also be disappointed by others too. Making room for disappointment like this will make one not to be more frustrated when things doesn't go as expected even debtors does same when they can't get money to pay back.

If a buyer disappoint me I will ring the person up first to find out why it is happening and then if it a good reason then I will be fine with it but if a flimsy excuse  I would  be annoyed but I wouldn't mind, I will just look for a new buyer provided my products is still with me and in perfect condition. I will just move on he or she will come around when he or she is ready.
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I agree, disappointment is always there,you have to make a room for it and the fact that it is part of everything.
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Accurately right. If the product or service stand or match the standard. Surely, the customer will return or check back sooner or later.
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