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Is it good to consult a spiritualist,to know about our tomorrow and future?
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Seriously, I don't believe in such things of superstitious nature. 

Only God knows the future. 

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First of all, I want to state that fortune telling or clairvoyance is a very rare talent which very few tellers are gifted with. So as popular as the act is, very few tellers can actual look into the future. So, as tempting as it is for me to want to see into my future, I really doubt i'll want to indulge. Most people end up getting conned in the process. This was called a confidence trick in the past.
Going back to the question, I like to think that looking into the future to see what's to come is not a good idea for me. What happened to expectations. Knowing the future only kills the zeal to work towards a certain goal. In some ways, this might mean that looking into the future may have negative effects like changing that very future. Let's look at an instance below.

A hard working man who decides to look into his future. He does and the teller says she sees him rich. Now, she doesn't tell him how he gets rich or when, but just that he gets rich. A lot of people upon getting such information might take life and their ongoing work not too serious. After all, they still will get rich. This young man does the same and becomes very lazy. Neglecting to work harder and missing opportunities, not knowing his work is actually his get rich means. What do you think will happen to the future of this young man if he continues lazzying around thinking he'll get rich anyways? Does it seem like his future is going to be different from what the foutune teller saw? This is what I mean when I say looking into the future can very well change that future for the said person.
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You made a whole lot of sense. I think working hard and smart will help our future better than trying to meet anyone for any kind of prediction. 
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Exactly brother. Am glad you agreed with my point. Looking at the future if given the chance is very tempting, but like we both agree on, it can very well change the attitude and work behavior of the said person. 
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When I was young,I used to believe in fortune tellers and astrologers and often times,people go to them for answers.

I have come to realise that this fortune tellers do not always perform to the expectation of the seeker.

Sometimes, it may happen that the fate of the person that wants to know his future does not favour the person in knowing his future.Even with advanced technology, people still die of treatable diseases.If a person is destined to die from a simple ailment,he will.If fate plays a role here,why won't it play a role in astrology.Their are some things that have been predestined: your family,where you are born,who you will marry ,the day one will die.This things can never be changed.

The universe is divided into two by science: known and unknown.What is unknown today will be known tomorrow but the truth is certain things are beyond the domain of human knowledge.Even Stephen hawking affirmed that beyond a limit,nothing can be known.So also,some aspect of future foretelling is also beyond the human domain.

Their are some other reasons I advise people not to try fortune tellers and astrologers. Just pray,work hard and accept the fact that whatever is destined to be will surely be.
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Destiny is the keyword I always believe that what was destined to be will definitely be. We may not need any consultations.
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I really don't believe on fortune tellers,but I do believe that they are there to guide us through on how we want our future to be. I remember 8 years ago when me and my friends went to the park where lots of fortune tellers, and my friend challenge me to have read mine.The fortune teller told me that I will be married at early stage which I don't know what age,that I will have so many children. That made me think, no I don't want to have many children,I only wanted two child and that's all I have now.

Then 10 years ago when my friends and I went to the food market to have some breakfast, this old lady come to me grab my hand to read my palm, and she said,you will get rich but, you are so miserly. This made me laugh though because afterwards, she ask for money. laugh Until now, I am not rich yet, and If I am rich then I will not be miserly, I will build my own foundation helping children to educate themselves and sponsor them to study.If God,willing me to be rich one day.But, everything will include hard works and luck of course.

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Fortune tellers all look dubious to me. I see some around my neighborhood and I can't just believe their tales because most are just their own observation and not fact. 
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I know, they will just make up story or something just to make people believe in them.
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As far as I am concerned, this is not the type of things that I always believe in. We used to have those kind of people that are fortune tellers that will always make attempts to predict the future for you. When I get in contact with those kind of people, I always find out ways to stay away.

The only person that has got the power to say that this thing or that is going to happen in the future is God and he even went further to assure us that the plans that he has got for us is that of good and not of evil. This is one of the reasons that I always remain positive in life and believe that the future is definitely going to be a brighter one for me. All we always need to do is to go into prayers when we want to have that awesome connection with our maker.
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Yea,committing our ways to God just be our best bet and not to a mere mortal that have power-We just have to get God involved. 

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