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Which will be more cost effective for you,if you're given the same opportunity to choose.

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Buying a used car may be pocket friendly while buying a new car can have great effect on your walletTheir are several reasons I will advise people to buy a new car.

When you buy a new car,you buy a car that comes with a warranty. That gives you peace of mind.If per adventure your new car develop fault, you can return it and have it replaced.

Most new cars will need few repairs in the first few years.So you can focus only on maintenance.

New cars will have the latest technology,so you have the opportunity of riding cars with better mileage and lower emissions.

You may be able to buy a hybrid car and reduce the amount you spend on transportation each month.The new cars can also Hooke up to your new phones and gadgets with ease.

If you can afford to buy a new car,go for it.I don't want to think about any mechanic in my first year of buying a car.
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It is obvious that the cost of buying a new car will be more expensive than buying a second new car especially if they are of the same brand.
I will prefer to buy a new car so I can have the guarantee of not spending excess money any repairs for at least six to 12 months after purchase and I will also be rest assured that I will used it long if we'll managed. Second new cars are cheaper but the chances of getting a better one that will serve you to your taste may be very difficult to come by,  it is sometimes difficult for one to know the number of years such car have spent before resell and there are possibilities of hidden faults that may lots money that might be close to buying new ones. IF not from a trusted and we'll known dealer it is very risky to buy second new cars because you may not know the source.
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There are some good cheap cars that is second hand rather than buying an expensive brand new car. Selecting your good dealer is the first thing to look up when buying your car. We always prefer second hand car because that's the only thing we can afford to and able tot maintain it.  But if you can afford to buy a brand new car, then go for it. Find the one that is low cost in petrol and maintenance. Unlike second hand, if you have allocated budget for it, you just have to pay for it straight, get some insurance, transfer it to your name, and drive. While buying a brand new car, either way you have to pay for it monthly for few years, or pay it right away with a big cash. Comparing the two, I think second hand will work same as brand new anyway.
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This will all depend on the make and model of the used car you want to buy. There are some used cars on the market today that is a lot better than the newer moded because the newer models have too many computer components in them. No matter what you choose it will all come down to your budget and how much you can afford to spend. If you are buying a used car it is a good idea to have it completely checked out before you purchase it. You do not want to buy a used car that has tons of problem or one that has been in an accident. In the end this could cost you a lot more than just buying a new car.

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