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Practice makes perfect. You can be very good at spoken and written English if you work hard at it. You should read a lot books in English and literature, watch English movies. Learning through conversation is very much easy to master. That is the best way to learn a language.

Make it a habit to learn something new in the language everyday. Put what you've learned into practice. Try as much as possible to interact with people well versed in the language. You can easily learn that way. Give yourself assignment and you can set a goal for yourself.

You can join forums and tutoring classes online. You'd be one on one with an English speaker and you can interact  ask questions and learn much more. You just need to put your heart to it.
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Thanks a bunch for the extra tips. I will sure converse more with native speakers
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Is there such a thing as being very fluent? Just asking. Anyway all i know is that you can be very good in english if you are willing to learn and go the extra mile to learn something new everyday. English is an enjoyable language to learn, its not as easy as some people may make it look like, but you enjoy it as you learn. The one thing that you can do so that you can be fluent and perfect is by spending a lot of time reading english literature, watching movies can also be one way of polishing your skills, by listening to the way people comverse can help you get to know where to put what words and how to use them appropriately in sentences. Invest in a good dictionary, that way when you hear a foreign word and you can't make out the meaning, the dictionary will be the right place to check. Am sure if you use those few tips they will get you to where you need to be with your english.
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Of course..there is fluency in every language. Fluency is the ability  to express your thoughts with words without stuttering, or stumbling over words.Example of people who are really fluent is barrack Obama.Chris Tucker is another fluent speaker..Trevor Noah is another one..

English is not my first language but I try to polish my English by speaking,watching movies,trying to pronounce words like the native speakers, filling my vocabulary bank with new words, phrases ,idioms and so on

I just need some extra tips.I don't  believe I need to jump through a lotta hoops to achieve fluency.

Thanks a bunh for your contribution
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I think practice makes perfect. Here we start learning English at an early age and so slowly by slowly we get used to it. It might be difficult if you don't learn it in school. However that does not mean you cannot be fluent.

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