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There cases of natural love where you are never even expecting to be loved back but you are fully satisfied with just loving the person without him or her knowing. 

So, it's something that is very possible. 

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This happens a lot.You are very close to someone and eventually fall in love with that person. The person may not be in love with you.That's why you need to let the person know you like him or her .if the person is not into you, its better to move on with your life. If someone doesn't love us,its not their fault. They are just incapable of loving us.Love ought to come naturally. It cannot be forced.

Another thing is you may be dating someone who is not in love with you.The person may just use you as a placeholder till he or she finds someone he/she loves.A person may date you because of materia things.That's why its always wise to pay attention to signs.If you pay attention to signs, you will definitely know whether the person you are dating actually loves you.One of the sign is laughter. Someone that loves you will always laugh at your jokes no matter how dry your jokes are.

Lastly,Unrequited love is the worst kind of love.If someone does not have a morsel of feelings for you,bolt and look for someone who has that mutual feeling so as to avoid stories that touch
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Yea,it good to keep on trying but if it isn't working then it time to move on. No need to be ghosted by any one. 
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As much as it may sound awkward, some of these things do happen. I have see situations where people have actually fallen victims of such both men and women. It's quite unfortunate but inevitable. Yes it is very possible for someone to love somebody else and not be loved back. This happens when one person secretly admires somebody else for sometime without mentioning it, and before you know it they are already falling in love without knowing it. Slowly by slowly they start acting like its a mutual feeling, when the whole time it's one sided. At some point when the other partner gets into a relationship, it becomes an issue of rivalrism, and yet you had no idea that this person was in love with you. That's why i always say communication is key in everything we do, communicate your feelings towards the person you feel attracted to and wait and see if they reciprocate, if they don't go your way and find love somewhere don't wait to get embarassed.
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Yea, I have seen a scenario like this and I wonder the whole wait. It always good for one to communicate his or her feeling to the other person on time.
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I would like to say no instantly but that is my ego talking. I know that these things happen. There are so many people who love and they aren't loved in return. That is such a sad feeling that I do not wish up on anyone. Some people try as much as possible to hide it but their feelings often takes the better part of them.
Some are not bold enough to say it and they die in silence. On the other hand, you'll find that the other party is in love with someone else hence they can't return the feelings.

Sometimes I wonder if it is really love because I believe two people who are meant for each other will be destined by fate one way or another. So if it doesn't happen with the one you thought, then maybe it isn't meant to be. I stand to be corrected.
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Well,we view things differently and thinks also work differently for everyone. Yea,I believe in destiny what will be will be.
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I don't think loving someone is always based on the reciprocal exchange of feelings. Sometimes we tend to like or fall in love with someone who doesn't share the same feeling. Sometimes we even love people who do not know us. I mean, we don't choose to like or fall in love with people because we expect to be loved back in the same manner. Feelings can burst out of nowhere and stick to a person regardless of how the other party feels towards the said person.
The honest truth is that most people who get heartbroken in a relationship can be said to have simply experienced the situation surrounding this question. They get heartbroken because they fell in love with someone who doesn't really share the same feelings as them. That's one very good instance when someone loves a person who doesn't love them as much or even at all.
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Sometimes I wonder the attraction of a person to someone that don't love them. I can't just understand this. 
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This is very possible, I have seen situations where such things exist both in secret and in the open.
There are some set of people usually males that have fear of rejection in them so they keep their love inside, they satisfy such emotional feelings through admiration and imagination with or without the female partner been aware.  If the female is aware of the person's feelings towards she just can't work up to the person to force him to reveal his intentions especially she is not really in love with such person.
It also possible that the expression could  be done yet the receiving end which is most time the female rejects such,  the male keep struggling to show the sincere intention while she will be in love with another person entirely.  It happens a lot for one to love and not love back.
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I see no sense in doing so much for someone that  doesn't love one. It always a waste of time from my personal observation, no need wasting time. 
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I have had critical thoughts on how it is going to be possible for me to start loving someone that doesn't love me and I see that as one of the biggest mistakes that I can make in love. As far as I am concerned, love is all about getting to understand the things that matters to us as a people and this is one of the reasons we should always focus on getting to feel fine when we are talking about what love is all about.

When I fall in love with someone, it is expected that that person should also have some level of feelings for me. While I may not be expecting the love to reach that level where the love will be the same for me. I expect the love to enjoy that kind of attention for me. I think that we should focus on things that will make the love to keep stronger and fine as usual.
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When it comes to love and relationship, someone have to make the move first and work on the other person's interests until he or she starts to develop feelings for the individual seeking to start a relationship. In my locality, it's expected of the man to always be the first person to make a move when starting a new relationship is called into question but it's not always the same thing in the western world.
This is simply our African culture and mentality, that it's only right for a man to always be the person who makes the first move. I wouldn't blame some of our women who thinks in this manner because some that have actually took the first step are most times see as being cheap. So, it's the reason why it's expected of the man to make the move first and there is a 90% probability the woman wouldn't love you back immediately.
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