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There are various home remedies available such as taking hot water,avoid coffee and alcohol and so on.

Try and Google some and see what you can try out.

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It really depends how much your throat been damage. You need to take some rest and take some pain killer and try not to talk until it will be cleared up. Some people singers will experienced cracked voice because of too much usage of their vocal core. Other.s will really damage their pitch of voice once it will broken. And even they still can sing, they can no longer reach the higher pitch as they used to be.Some cannot sing anymore for few years. It is very important to do not use too much of your voice, if you are tired, take some rest and do not sing or talk a lot.

It is commonly used that ginger tea can help to heal or soothe your throat. You can also boil clean water into your pot and inhale the steam that coming out, or turn on your hot shower in a bathroom, closed all the windows and door. Once the steam is allover the bathroom,turn off the shower and stays there to inhale the steam. Take some rest and drink a lot of water.
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