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Which of these friendships do you fancy. I like offline relationship more maybe because I can relate better with people. How about you? 

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Both are beneficial but I prefer online friends.An online friend is someone that appears among your contacts on Facebook,twitter or any other social media site.Usually, the relationship is not so strong.We can add them because they are our colleagues, or classmates or because we live in the same neighborhood. They may be friends of our friends and we add them because they look nice or sound interesting.

If you log on to Facebook and check the friend section,you will see a huge number.But the question is how many do we chat with??I bet that you have not chatted with some of them.You may probably have forgotten their existence.

An offline person is someone you have met in the past and you keep on meeting  and sharing experiences with them.He or she is someone you enjoy spending time with,someone you trust.

Their is a limit to how you can interact with an online friend.You can share photos,links with an online friend while you can share your problems,experiences,memories with your offline friends

Saying that online friends are always their when you need them may be correct but how is the quality of the meeting.?

Social media gives us the advantage of turning an online friend to offline friend but if I'm asked to choose between them,I will say I prefer offline friends .
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Yea,I think offline friends are really closer to us than online friends,maybe because we tend to see them physically too.
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Online and offline friendship are very important and good forms of friendship that every enlightened person is supposed to have or keep though offline friendship seem to have more advantage than the online friendship.
It very possible to easily reach out to your offline friends to discuss issues with him or her, it is also a fact that physical interaction is far different from online disscusion because they are real and productive.  Offline friends are more reliable to deal with because the background is known and can easily be traced in case there is any need compare to online friends where majority have fake details.
The advantage of online friend is that it is easier to share some personal or secret information that ordinary offline friend won't have access to because an online friend can't even trace nor trackyor even use it as your weak point.
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We can easily work with an online friend maybe because we can't necessarily track them or them tracking us.
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I believe everything in this world has its own advantages and disadvantages. Were it not for your question i have never really taken time to think about it. However i believe offline is better than online.

For example if you were to take the case of distance and close relationships. People in distance relationship tend to break up easily. The same can be applied in friendship. Apart from exchanging words you get to hang out together. Give each other hugs and get to do so many activities together. You get to know each other via actions which speak louder than words. On the other hand with online one you can only get to rely on what the other person tells you which at times may not be true.

However online friends are also great. I have a number of them we have never met face to face and we always meet in earning sites like this one. We get to share important and helpful information all the time.
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Definitely offline friends. In my case, I can't even compare. I know I have lots of acquaintances and a few friends online. Fewer that I do not know in person. It is all fun and interactive online although. There are times when my only company is online. However, when I hang out with friends, it is exceptional.

I can be with my friends both online and offline but there's something meeting in person has that being just online doesn't compare. The feeling of joy and endearment and physical satisfaction from all your conversation and company is bliss.
I think you can maintain a very healthy relationship with your friends both online and offline. Hence when you aren't here, you can be there. For me, that's just the essence.

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