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I find dry cleaning my clothes very tasking and sweeping very boring. Which is tasking for you.
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cleaning the windows. def cleaning the windows. water running down my arms into my cloths nope. Also I do notlike ironing because I always make extra folds I have no clue how I did them. I  mean T-Shirts are okay because they are easy but as soon as there is anything more special like a blouse? I am out. But I guess in general it is about not giving up and continuing to try and do the chores you hate the most.... I sometimes iron with netflix on so I can take a break and just watch the show for five whole minutes before I continue but yeah I don't know if I will ever love ironing or even not mess up while I iron stuff.. Also I actually quiet like doing my laubdry as I just have to throw in stuff. wait a while. take it out and slap it into the dryer and then the dreaded ironing... I wish I could just wear everything crinkly
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Doing household chore is a must for someone who value a neat environment.If you are not a slob,then cleaning the home will definitely be one of your topmost priority for the day or for the week.It starts from laying your bed neatly to sweeping the floor,moping the floor and so on

As a person, their are some chores that I find  boring and tasking and I normally pay people to do those chores for me.

One of those chores is ironing and starching of shirts.Ironing a starched shirt,apart from being difficult ,is also boring.And no matter how hard I press my starched shirts,they still remain squeezed. I solved that problem by giving out the shirts to a dry cleaner.Although, this is not pocket friendly but anything that can save me the stress of ironing and sweating profusely while doing it is welcome.

Sweeping is another house chore I detest.I put that to the fact that I was using the traditional broom.The day I discovered the modern broom stick was the day I solved that problem.Using a modern broom stick is much more convenient than using the old traditional broom.
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Maintaining our lawn is a huge task for me. I am a working professional and it is difficult to find time for lawn maintenance activities. I generally stay away on business tours and my mother cannot work since she had a heart stroke last month. I cannot hire a maid as they charge additional fees for other chores. I then decided to hire a field service company who would help me with lawn maintenance and other property preservation tasks. My lawn is restored to its original state and I am happy that I boast a lush green lawn in the neighborhood!
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House chores are there necessity of a clean and tidy home . without  doing the house chores is like inviting diseases in your house so house is a must and cannot be avoided.

I love doing house chores especially on weekends and I can do all except washing the utensils which I find it really tasking.
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