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I got an invitation in Facebook from the Answeree admin and thus I joined this q&a community through my facebook ID. I like to be in such q&a websites. I am in quora and also in several forums. Hey guys, Let's share from where you all got information about How did you join on this site? Why are you in such a community? I invite all of you to this thread. Thank you
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I came to know about answeree from a forum called forumcoin.
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I was browsing the internet about the ways where I can earn money by answering questions be it academic, scientific, philosophical or even just plain query. I came across this blog, which provided a list of websites. I decided to check them all, and out of all the websites I've visited, Answeree seemed to be the most interesting.
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I do the search engine of what sites can earn money while answering and I found some list and Answeree is one of those.

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I own a blog that reviews different websites that offer payment for people that work on them. There are several Q & A sites out there that hire experts to answer questions and pays them for their response. During my research and testing different sites, I cam to know this site through a friend of mine. They suggested that I join on here after another site I was on stopped paying people to answer questions. I had been on this site for several years and liked how it was. Unfortunately, they ran into some funding problems when Google Adsense closed down their account. Therefore, they could no longer pay people for working there. The last time I heard they were trying to find new funding and open back up the rewards program and pay people again for answering questions on the site.

I know of several other Q & A sites that offer rewards to people to answer questions. However, all these sites need a person to register and make an account. The only possibility is to write a question on a forum as a guest. I think some forums will allow you to ask a question on there without registering. But in general, all sites wants a person to register so they can verify they are a person and not a bot or a spammer.
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Here in answeree also one can ask questions anonymously. It will go to moderation and need approval to show up on site. And for answers and comments there is no moderation since only registered users are allowed to post. I think that's the reason of spammy questions here.
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I think I learned about answeree from your blog from a member's comment, anyway thanks a lot.
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Am a great fan of the Internet and whenever am online I tend to find new earning methods. So last week I was googling "sites that pay to answer questions". I got lots of site which have come across before.Then there was a certain blog(I can't recall the name)he had summarised the sites,after going through all those sites none pleased me because they weren't open in my location. Then in the comments down there, a certain user commented," you've forgotten an another site called answeree"(not the exact words) that's how I came to learn about this site and was glad that it accepted my location.
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goodmorning friends.I come to this site because i search some sites that paid to post.Now it appears that this site is come up and i saw that it paid to post .And i am thankful because  i saw it and i join .So now i see whats going here on.Nice to meet every one here and keep posting and enjoy to earn and learn some things here.
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I am a student who wants to increase my income opportunities. I was searching on Google on sites that pays for answering questions. The search engine brought so many options including justanswer, liveperson and others. I took time to try all of them and finally I came across answeree obviously I tryed it and here I am trying to make my way through this journey. So I came to know answeree through Google.
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It was a long journey through the internet searching for how to make some extra cash online.

After a lot of research I found a so many site but none them was encouraging,most of them were just interested in your personal data.

But luckily while am still  carrying out my research I found ANSWEREE, so interesting and exactly what I want, so educative and easy to do task with nice cash. 
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I came to know of Answeree because I was looking for ways to make more money, and this sight seemed like a great place to earn money. To be more specific, I was reading an article on ways to make money online, and while I was reading the comments I came across a comment where someone posted a link to answeree. 
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I was looking for sites that pay online to answer questions, I think I found this site by Reddit. I need new sources of income, and I think this is a good option. I have not received payments yet, because I have to answer many questions. Regardless of the payment, I think I can learn from other users with their answers, and I can practice my English.
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I found this site from an article about this site on a forum. At that time Answeree was at the beginning stage. I found this site to be very interesting as I loved to write in forums earlier. There was no any earning system earlier on this website. But earnings can only be considered as a bonus unless you are a regular writer. I joined here for being a part of this community. Anyway now it's more interesting with some good features added and a better design. I am referring my friends to this site now. Let the community grow.

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I recently registered in Answeree and found it is a very interesting site. I got it from a forum called beermoney. I got interested in it because I like to write my answers to help others with their questions and also getting an opportunity to earn some money. i have not been in the site for a very long time but i have at least known how it works for now. I am also able to get answers from the site which makes the forum too much fun to be in and participate. 
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i am able to find answeree by searching the legitimate websites online. i tried a lot of websites to earn money and answeree is one of the easiest way to earn dollar while you're at home. at first i have doubt about the website because i am new here and i asked one of the member here if this is legit and she said it is a legitimate website and does pay because she got her first pay. so now i keep on trying to reach the minimum pay.

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