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I got an invitation in Facebook from the Answeree admin and thus I joined this q&a community through my facebook ID. I like to be in such q&a websites. I am in quora and also in several forums. Hey guys, Let's share from where you all got information about How did you join on this site? Why are you in such a community? I invite all of you to this thread. Thank you
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I came to know about answeree from a forum called forumcoin.
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I was browsing the internet about the ways where I can earn money by answering questions be it academic, scientific, philosophical or even just plain query. I came across this blog, which provided a list of websites. I decided to check them all, and out of all the websites I've visited, Answeree seemed to be the most interesting.
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I do the search engine of what sites can earn money while answering and I found some list and Answeree is one of those.

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I found this site from beermoneyforum, he promoted the site with fully detailed information with a payment proof that he earned from here, I am not quite sure if those payment proofs that he received is coming from him or he just copied it to someone else, but the way he promotes the site is totally convincing, I am just wishing that this site is legit and real paying since $30 takes time to earn. I am so grateful that I found this site because for me this site has lots of fun!

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I found answeree in beermoney forum wherein one of the well known member shared this site to us, the members. He explained this site in well detailed form and found it quite interesting. I am not just answering questions but at the same time learning an additional knowledge or information from other members answered too. The site is user friendly and accepts members internationally. With this site, all the members are treated fairly and equally because the geographical location doesn't apply on it.   
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that's a nice question..I'm very much interested in online working.I always like to learn more about new things ,I would like to share knowledge too.

I'm very curious to join the sites where there will be little fun while earning few cents .So I was searching for  a site where there will be scope to me to learn while earning I came to know this site in a forum .

I found this site interesting and joined here the next minute :) it's fun to be here.

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I came to know about this good site answeree from a forum called 'forumcoin'. As it is, I was always interested in question-answer sites that too those question-answer sites that reward us for sharing our knowledge and information. And so, every now and then I used to google for the same. When I saw about this site, I immediately checked it and found it to be promising. 
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A friend told me, she informed me about this site and encouraged to join it. Normally people do not inform about a site which do not pays referral commission, yet even with no referral benefit, this site is worth to be shared with friends, so she decided to share with me. It is good to have such friends who do not only think about their earning, and share the earning information without any intention of commission.
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I belong to a forum and saw this site advertised there. I previously belonged to another Q & A site called WebAnswers which has now closed and have been looking for something similar. I googled it and thought it looked interesting so I decided to register. I'm looking forward to participating and hope I can help people with some of my answers.
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For me I got the site from a forum in the internet. It was a forum where everybody shares their ideas and their experiences with the legit and scam sites. As soon as I saw the payment proof from this site I knew it was a legit site and quickly signed up to start using it. I hope the site will be there long for everybody to enjoy using it.
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I have found answeree on the beermoney forum as many others did, apparently. It seemed like a legit site to earn some and have a talk from time to time so I got curious. I am always looking for new sites and since everybody seemed to like answeree I wanted to give it a try. So far, I found it enjoyable and easy.

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I came to know about Answeree from a paid to post site called beer money forum. A member had created a thread about it and given very accurate information. I found it to be very interesting, I wanted to know more but unfortunately the thread got closed. I visited the site and here I am. I'm a member of other Q&A sites but they do not have a reward program. This is the first I'm working on with a reward program and I like it.
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Well, I'm a student and I'm always looking for ways to make money online so that I can support myself. I learned about Answeree from different threads on 2 of my favorite forums. These forums are also about making money online and they have amazing members that are always sharing their own experiences with earning online. Most of the members that I know have already joined Answeree and everything they said about it was positive. I have seen some payment proofs as well and that's what usually does it for me. Once I made sure this website is legit, I immediately joined and I can't be happier. So thanks to those Forums I'm here. ForumCoin and Digital Global. By the way, they're both paying forums as well.

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