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I got an invitation in Facebook from the Answeree admin and thus I joined this q&a community through my facebook ID. I like to be in such q&a websites. I am in quora and also in several forums. Hey guys, Let's share from where you all got information about How did you join on this site? Why are you in such a community? I invite all of you to this thread. Thank you
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I came to know about answeree from a forum called forumcoin.
I was browsing the internet about the ways where I can earn money by answering questions be it academic, scientific, philosophical or even just plain query. I came across this blog, which provided a list of websites. I decided to check them all, and out of all the websites I've visited, Answeree seemed to be the most interesting.
I do the search engine of what sites can earn money while answering and I found some list and Answeree is one of those.

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We have a forum site called Forum Coin and there is this one member that introduce the site to us. Forum Coin is an established forum sites. Every members are good reviewers and build their reputation in introducing a site. There are members that are willing to become a tester of a site and this one member tested the site for us. Upon reading her post or his post rather or, anyway, upon reading the post, I became intrigue to know the site so I searched the site on Google and found it easily. What makes me feel good about the site are the question that the people are asking. Some of the questions are asking about your experiences and opinions. Some really requires skills and better research so I skip those, lol. I find it very interesting so I tried to post until I found myself making it a habit to check the site every night and give my quality contribution. At present I just enrolled to the rewards program that is why I am trying to be active and let's see if I will be included to reach the minimum. Love this site. 
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I was quiet researching for sites that pay people on reviews as working on different sites like quora i came to know about answeree through one of my friend who is working on the same dilemma. A part from getting paid you can review different thoughts on a single point that increases your knowledge and make you see the different minds.

You can even raise the question to be answered through different people that can give you the better words to add in your knowledge. If you feel shy you can raise the question anonymously and that is the good option.

As being a research student i have got many ideas by using these kind of sites through different minds you can extract the best summary. And that helpful to many people.
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I'm on other earning sites and there's a thread on one of the site called forum coin where one of the member talked about this question and answered site. And because I loved to learn from people answers not just to offer my own answers I decided to join this site,so far so good I'm alresdy enjoying it here.I really do love the concept if this site.

This site is really a learning site that one can learn about different things and when it comes to issues of life,it makes one realizes that they are not alone,because you will see people asked questions that have been  bothering one and one will know other people are going through same too.

I hope this site will remain stable and be here for a very long time too.
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Frankly speaking, I actually got to know about answeree platform accidentally through someone who commented on a post I have already finished reading. I went on the internet to search about sites that pay Individuals to read and answer questions online.

Surprisingly, the other sites described by the writer in the article was overlooked by me to opt for the answer provided by the person who made mentioned of answeree in the comment section. And that was how I clicked the link of the site and immediately it directed me to this very site where this answer is being provided to the question how did I get to know about this paying platform for mere asking questions and commenting on asked questions.
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I have been on the Internet searching tirelessly for ways to earn online. During the time of my research, I came across a lot of writing sites like answeree, sites like beermoney forum, postloop and a few others. I signed up with almost every one of them and got going. So far, I've been able to make a reasonable amount of earning through these different sites but not as much as I intended. This made me continue the search on ways to earn online through the Internet. This time around I came across a lot of scam sites feeding on innocent seekers for their selfish gain. Just when I was about to call it quit, my sister introduced me to this wonderful site, answeree. So far its been good.
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I was on a blog searching for some ways to share knowledge and meanwhile earn a bit with it.

Then I stumbled upon the magical amazing beast that is Answeree.

I’ve only been on here for about 24 hours, but I have already answered a bunch of questions and made a total of 2.35$ as of writing this answer.
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I came to know through one of friend. Her name is Freeda Francis. She Suggest me to Join this Forum. She said that answeree is fun and knowledgeable forum. Yes It is. I love to be part of this forum. 
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I love to answer the questions or to get the answers of the questions which I have, so I was searching on internet about same and browsing various websites related to it. I came across many of them, then once I came to know about this Answeree website, then I browsed and went through this website. I liked it and I m loving to use it. 

This is how I came to know about answeree.
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I learned this site when a answeree's member mentioned it. Then, I took the liberty to check it out. As a newbie of this site's platform, I am still exploring it. So far, I am liking it.
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I come to know about Answered through the social media.I was searching for the Job and i got the Link of this website.Everyone should work on this website.
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