Why are the drivers behind the steering wheel always fond of habit of insulting their fellow road users? - Answeree
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When I saw this question, I laughed my heart out. The fact is that in my country,hardly will you see a driver that went through driving school.

Its either they learn how to drive on their own or they learn from a friend or family member.

The implication is they don't know the nitty gritty of driving.That's why they drive  roughly on our roads and other drivers go bonkers because of this.

Some  drivers are just plain rude.They believe the whole world revolve around .So no matter how careful you are on the road,they will still tongue lash you.If you are driving at the normal speed limit,they will abuse you for driving too slow or driving too fast.

I blame this on the government. Their should be a strict laws that bans people without a proper driver's licence from driving.

There should be government accredited driving schools and anyone who does not have a license from this schools should not drive.
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I have noticed this too in my country that drivers are just so abusive on the highway and it always those driving recklessly and wanting to take over the road by force. When I see such people I just give them their space Because I wouldn't want to join issues with one making a big deal out of nothing. Some people are just naturally abusive and it isn't even about when the ply the roads, they're just abusive in nature.

I have met some very uncultured people on the road and I begin to wonder if it about them being an illiterate or it about their way of life. They can pick a quarrel over little issues and before one knows it, it has become a full blown fight.

We have an authority here called the road safety corps,I think they should look into this area and reduce extortion.
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This is something that I always have some thoughts about and it is not always funny. Drivers not having that kind of love that should exist amongst them is kinda pathetic. I have always looked at life as one that we should care and show support to the people that we see on the road.

The thing is that those that we insult today on the road may be the ones that we will end up to see tomorrow in one occasion or another. When a driver breaks traffic rule or any other thing that got you angry as a driver, the best thing to do is to tell them with love and when they tries to insult you, the best thing is to keep quiet and bother not to worry them. This is the reason I always mind my business when I am driving on the road since it is the work of the traffic authorities to do so.
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This is very common inbmy country too,  it is majorly found between commercial drivers , the fundamental fact is 95% of these drivers are not educated so they don't have the basic driving skills and ethics because non of them undergo driving school training.
The major cause of the insult or abuse between them is that they very impatient while driving,  they just want to get to their destination at all cost,  so who ever that cross their tracks either right or wrong they abuse such person,  that's set of drivers are the major cause of traffic hold-up.

They are either hypertensive old men or depressed young men that little triggers their anger,  they don't just abuse only their fellow drivers but also their passengers in some circumstances.
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Drivers will always be drivers. There are very few drivers who have road manners. We have all sorts of characters on the road, you will get to see this bad behaviors especially when there is a lot of traffic jam during peak hours when people are coming from work. I tend to think it's the frustrations and pressure from the work place. It is very likely that someone is trying to release the tension and what better way to do that, than abuse another driver over something very petty. I have seen that so many times. Or maybe it could be you have your wife or girlfriend in the car, she could be a drop down gorgeous chick, so you will find men staring and winking here and there which will obviously anger the man thus causing friction and that's how confrontations begin.
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