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For asking a question and getting answers on question answer websites we have to join there with some kind of registration. Is there any site q&a sites where we can ask or get answer anonymously? It would have been helpful to people who want to ask their life questions as anonymous.
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I think you can do to any website as long as you use your email anonymously,  too.
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I think it is possible on any site to be able to get answers annonymously because you create usernames aside from your own name.

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There are a few Q & A sites that allow people to post questions anonymously. I see on a site called Answerbag many people will post a question and use anonymous as their name, while others will use their name when asking a question. However, on this site, you'll still need to register.

All Q & A sites ask you to register with their site if you want to post a question or answer one. You can always view the site and look through the topic as a site visitor. But if you want to ask anything, you must register.

To keep your identity secret on sites like this most people will create a second email account under a different name. They will use this account to register on these types of sites to ask questions. They can always post their question as anonymous as long as they have created an account on the site first.

All the Q & A sites will require a person to join the site to either ask a question or answer one.
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I know of quora and yahoo answers. You really don't have to create an account in order to be able to find what you're looking for. Also there ate others like "brain..."

There ate these others in which you must create an account in order to find the solution to your answer.A site like weegy you must go through all the signing up process in order to get to the question plus there solution. Just answer is the same to weegy.

No matter what, I prefer going for quora and Yahoo answers although they don't pay in case its something urgent.

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