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Do you mean hear and not here?

For my answer to that, when I hear the word Africa, it always first come in my mind is the song This time for Africa by Shakira. It really played over in my mind even if I don't sing it.Other than that,the word Africa, is native country that I always encounter on internet or television commercial, showing malnourished children and parents. They showed this on our television asking for donations for this poor  children, who got sick because of no proper source of clean water and food. Every time I see this commercial, I feel gutted, but it questioned me too (I don't mean no harm or insulting with this to anyone), why having children if they cannot feed them properly and no source of water?. I know with help, and lots of people helping already through UNICEF and that is good to provide clean water and proper medication for sick kids. I feel sorry for young children as well as for mothers that don't have to experience that kind of.
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You are right that there's a lot of suffering in Africa but still, that isn't all that there is to it. Africa is a continent with many countries in it. 
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The reason why you see those kinds of news on t.v is because they are the actual events that makes headlines now adays. 

International media has made the habit of constantly potraying certain groups or people, regions and race in a way that makes them look lesser than humans. The middle east which is mostly Arabs makes news on negative rounds concerning terrorism or some form of war fare, making them look like mindless killing people who enjoy nothing but violence. Africans and Africa is always portrayed as a poverty driven continent because blacks are the majority and a lot of countries here are still classified as developing. 

Unfornately, that's not the case. Just like other continents, Africa has rich and poor economies in different countries. Nigeria holds the largest eciny in Africa with GDP of over $1.1trillion. Most tiny european countires like newzealand can only dream of such GDP. 

Just like people in other continents, africans also have poor and rich people. So the next time you see commercials on poverty driven families, do not forget that they are also people suffering from the same type of faith in Europe, Asia, America, etc. If only the media could stop potraying Europe and America as a superior continent with everything they need, then the world will see millions of their citizens who are unemployed, homeless and depend on government or tax payer money with a majority gotten from foreign workers to aid their living. 
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Hello there. Thanks for your answer.

I meant hear thanks for that too.

Whatever you have described is true because our media most of the time show the negative side. It is good however that the negative side gets people to help and such little young ones can finally experience life like other children.
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As an African when I think about  Africa i see fertility and Happy people. Despite all the negative vibes that people of other continents associate us with I still believe we have lived aboved it and we are sure keeping our head very high.
I know some part of the African continent is ridden with Stark poverty where there's total lack of social amenities and I don't really blame nature but the humans in it. Some country's leaders are just corrupt and they go away with treasures meant for everyone and leave the masses hungry, the masses are also into all form of crime killing and maiming people and then most African countries are overpopulated like my country.

In all I feel it will still.get better as we continue to fight for liberation.
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I feel you my friend. You have said it as it is. Its true most politicians tend to pocket it all as the citizens suffer.
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When I hear the word Africa, the first thing that comes to my mind is "home of black" or "black people". This thought has ever remain in my psychology since teenage. But as I grow in knowledge,  I got to know that Africa us a continent; as a matter of fact , it is the second largest  most populous continent in the world. Found between Asia in both categories. With about 30.3 million km square including adjacent islands. It cover 6% of the earth surface area.and 20% of its land area .

It also  has the population of 1.2 billion people as of 2016 statistics. It account for about 16% of the world's' human population. The continent is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea to the North. The isthmus of Suez and the Red Sea to the northwest, the Indian Ocean to the south east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.
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answered by LEGEND (6,021 points) 6 13 26
When I hear Africa, I think and I see the land, the people. Everything all about being rich, exotic and unique. You see, there's no Africa without its people. The people of Africa despite all they had to go through since from the time of slavery until the time of modern slavery are still standing strong.

Africa has a lot to offer to the rest of the world. No wonder the foreigners wouldn't leave us be. Despite all the negativity, the sufferings and challenges that Africa faces, its inhabitants when given the opportunity are still excelling within and outside their spheres.

I understand that many people outside the continent are pretty misinformed. You can blame that on what the media shows and them not doing a proper research.
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When the word African is been mentioned lots of things rolls through my mind such as :

The continent with the most populous black race in the world.
The continent with lots of cultural heritage that are widely appreciated.

The continent with lots of resources that are yet untapped.
The continent with lots of countries that are still under developed in terms of instratures.
The continent with lots of young talented and visionary young men and women that  will take the continent to the next level if they are given the opportunity in terms of sport,  musics,  ICT and lots more.
The continent with lots of happy people that have well grounded moral upbringing
The continent that requires a turn around on the style of leadership in the different countries for success to be attained
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I think of home, sweet home. Africa is home to my country, Nigeria, the black most dominated nation in the world, and probably the most diversely cultured nation too in the world.
When I hear Africa, i think of Queen Amina, Nelson Mandela, Shaka Zulu, King Silasia, etc. These are Africa's most celebrated and uncelebrated heroes who fought for our freedom against white dominance. Queen Amina fought in the north of nigeria to prevent an Arab dominated Nigeria, she died a hero. Nelson Mandela needs no introduction, and just like him, Shaka Zulu his ancestral predecessor fought against white colonialism in south Africa. He achieved a lot during his time and died a hero.
When I hear Africa, i think of of cultures, traditions, values, beliefs, which makes us the most mysterious and fascinating race of people in the world. A country can have over 300 ethnic group and yet live as one. Africans are patient, kind and very welcoming. Africans have abundant resources still untapped. Africa is simply blessed.
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Africa Africa my beautiful continent. I love my color, and i love all people we are all one people but different in so many ways. I have not travelled all over the world to know how other Africans live, but i can relate. Africa is the home of most black people, a continent that's full of wonderful scenaries wherever you go. A place that has wonderful weather all year round, beautiful beaches, savoury dishes, wonderful , loving and friendly people. Africa has many minerals that would make us rich in every way, but because of certain things and greed by a few people, some of this wonderful things are misused and mishandled making it hard for economies to run in the right way. Africa is home to the most amazing animal kingdoms all over the world and it is known for the famous big 5 animals. It's amazing to find out amd see for yourself what Africa has to offer. There is much more to talk about but its better seeing than reading about it.

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