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Our education system here usually takes 16 years for one to graduate. Usually called the 8:4:4 system. 8 years in Primary school, 4 years in high school and 4 in university to attain the first degree. A whole 16 years of life gone. When you graduate getting a job placement is the worst nightmare. Little is taught about business in school. Most of the compulsory stuff that we read are not applicable.

What of your education system?
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In my country,we focus more on theory than practicals.Our curriculum is archaic, moribund..why won't we produce half baked graduates..

Our lectures are clueless.they have nothing to offer..Most of them are just their people of the money. Nobody is going for doctorate degree because of passion anymore.The economy is not smiling.

How many of our universities go into thorough research?

Our educational system is simply out of whack

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The system of education in my country is 6:3:3:4. Six years in primary school, three years in junior secondary school, three years in senior secondary school and four years in the university on an average for a first degree. That is sixteen years but if you add pre school and nursery it just sums up about eighteen years like yours.

Just like you, getting a job in my country is a herculean task and each year thousands of graduates keep churning out of the system with no jobs available. This is the reason many youths migrate to Western countries where they feel the opportunities are better.

Unless your course is as professional as a doctor's, lawyer's or an engineer and the likes, I'm afraid there's really not much other courses can do for you. This is why you see many graduates acquiring real skills needed to compete in the real world after they graduate.
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Thats pretty much like our country there. I think it is high time our schools try to me somehow business based for the better part of those years.
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Only recently have they started to incorporate entrepreneur courses. I still think that more needs to be done. 
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I think most developing countries are having this problem now of one attaining school for years but after that nothing to show for it. Even getting a good job is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It even more terrible in my home country that even a trained medical personnels are also looking for jobs and the ones available are lowly paid. So life for a graduate here isn't easy at all.

I think our curriculum should be revised here so that it meets with the demands of work of today. Jobs now needs more skills and technological know how to find a well paying jobs and schools should realize this and tailored their scheme of work and schedules to meet this demands.
I don't think going to school has ever been a waste,it just need some changes to makes things right for everyone.
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Education is good there is no doubt about that, but in my country if not waste of time then it is something worst that waste of time. Because throughout the almost twenty years of schooling, you won't be enlightened or exposed to vocation or even business. You will be comparatively caged with the ideology of graduating with flying colouration and pick white colla job and earn a better living. The worst part is, the job is not available any where and even if it does, they won't want fresh graduates.
The industries that are suppose to employ are fold up.
It would have being wonderful or reasonable if the industries exist. Only few students wake up to see the reality wwhile in school.
Internationally, the richest men where not just dependent on"I must graduate syndrome ". Most great and success business men in the world and in my country don't have basic skills neither were they graduates.

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