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soen people have a success in their travel blog and some are don't. But if your traveling will include soem tips and where is the best, it might be a hit.
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Just give out on your traveling blog accurate tips on traveling and be rest assured that lots of people will be flocking to your site for such information. 

Traffic on your site means better Google ranking for your site. 

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If you like to travel and give tips on how to save money, where to eat, what hotel to stay in, or what sites to see, then yes this is a great opportunity. Unfortunately, there are a large number of travel blogs already online. You'll need to be unique in your blog to make a difference and be noticed.

If you'd like to start a travel blog here is what you can do to get it started:

  1. Create a website + bog site combination. You can easily do this through WordPress and they have some really nice website/blogs templates that you can easily modify for your needs.
  2. Build up your site, design your website pages and start creating some blog posts.
  3. Decide on how you want your layout. Normally on a website/blog, you'll have certain website pages dedicated to the website. You'll have a section on the site dedicated to blog posts. 
  4. When you have a combination site, you'll need a sitemap. This should be done for each website/blog that you create. The map will help search engines find and identify your posts much faster. The map should have your website pages first and each entry is linked to the page. After, you'll list the blog post as a category that is under the website pages. In the blog posts, you should have sub-categories to make it easier to find the post. 
  5. Make sure you use your media tags and also add your tags to the post so that it is easy to index your website.
  6. I would suggest doing this under a free site at first until you have the website/blog set up and configured.
  7. Because of the new privacy policy act, you'll need to have a Privacy Policy and a Terms of Service agreement on your site. This will fall under your website and not under your blog posts. This will actually be a page on your website.
  8. Once you have created your site, added around 50 blog posts, you're now ready to pay for your domain name and your hosting. 
  9. During the next 3 months, you'll need to try and find site visitors to view and read your site. To do this you can cut down on expenses by advertising the blog yourself on FB, Twitter, other social media sites, forums, and different travel blog sites.
  10. Join a few travel blog forums and get in with the community. This is important for establishing your backlinks to your site.
  11. After your site has been active and online as a paid domain name, you can now try and apply for a few affiliate marketing sites. Keep in mind these should be in your niche so when you advertise on your blog it will relate to travel and not something else. This makes it easier to convert people and earn from your affiliate marketing site. 
  12. Now to make your blog more popular, you will need to spend time guest posting, offering to write a review for another travel company or even an airline. This could be about a special that is being offered or a discount a person can get all the time. 
  13. You might need to pay for some advertising in order to draw more traffic to your website/blog.
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Being a blogger in any niche can be good paying but you must be active and consistent  with it and use the best monetizing ways to get the best result.Being a successful travel blogger means you should be a far and wide traveller to be able to have articles to update your site regularly.

Start by having a blog,you can create a free one on blogger

Give it a good theme and put needed widgets in place .

Write a good article about any topic you want to start with along with the introductory part of your blog on what it entails.

Always remember to beautify your articles with good clear images good original ones from your folders.

Don't copy and paste articles, write yours and then monetize your blog to start making money with it.
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Yes, being consistent and active is most important thing to do so followers won't get bored.
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There are so many online niche that any one who wishes to become a webmaster can take advantage of and explore the internet industry to make money online depending on the objectives behind setting up the online website business in the first instance.

Having said that, it's very obvious that traveling related blog niche is something that I believe would thrive well in our modern world because people are always in the business of traveling from one place to another either for business purposes or personal purposes (Tourism).
So, it's definitely going to be very good running a traveling blog that would help most people who are into visiting blogs every now and then to get information on how to get the best out whatever they are doing, which in turn brings money to your account.

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