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Should I worry about black moles comes after 30 years old?

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Not necessarily.

Like most tumors, skin cancer has better chances of healing when it is diagnosed early. And the self-examination of moles and spots can be great allies to identify the early signs of the different types of disease - including the more serious skin cancer, melanoma.

Who has many spots should have the habit of attending the dermatologist - who not only knows how to say better than pints should be removed according to their appearance as you can request a biopsy to arrive at a diagnosis beyond any doubt.

If you only have light, small, regular spots, continue to pay attention to new ones that come up. And it's good to remember that these tips do not replace frequent check-ups with a specialist for diagnosis - or the use of sunscreen for prevention.
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Moles are small,flesh coloured black/brown spots on the skin.Most moles appear at the age of 30.

Irregular enlargement of moles can be skin cancer or development of skin cancer.

Moles come as a result of hereditary genes we acquire from our parents  or amount of exposure to sunlight especially during our childhood stages.

Precautions measures: avoid direct contact with sunlight and also,in case of irregular or changing moles, a dermatologist should be consulted immediately.

Minor surgery is the only effective way to remove the moles.

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