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Chicken liver is rich with iron, do you eat when it cooked?

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Yes,we do eat chicken liver all the time we have chicken in my home. Most times what we buy is live chicken so we always have the liberty of having the chicken liver in there for us unlike buying from.the frozen shop where we might not be sure of getting the liver along side with the whole chicken we have bought. Though some stores adds to the chicken bought some don't .

I enjoy the chicken liver,it  really nice when well cooked and well peppered too. My mum used to let we children then have it and I'm doing same to my kids, I allow them have the chicken liver most times.
Apart from the liver containing iron it is also loaded with vitamins that will help the body and it also good with our own liver. It very low in fat and cholesterol.
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I remember too,my parents when were kids, will have whole chicken on the table cooked and the liver is just two pair so us,kids can have it.
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Chicken liver is a part of the chicken I love eating.Apart from the fact that it is tasty,it has some nutritional benefits.

I can remember the good old times.when mum is preparing fried rice,she would cut the chicken liver into several pieces and lace the rice with them. We usually steal some pieces of those liver behind her back because we could not resist that tasty,nutritious part of the chicken.

Although the chicken liver contain a high amount of cholesterol, it contains some essential vitamins and minerals.

Apart from containing liver,it also contain a dose of zinc.Zinc plays an important role in wound healing.Iron plays an important role in the health of our immune system.

Saute sliced chicken liver with chopped onions,potatoes, mushrooms and bell peppers can be combined for a nutritious hash.

Chicken liver is one of my favorite and I often wonder why liver is often overlooked by most people as an undesirable part of the bird
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I have tried it in the past and I must say... It was not bad. It tasted good actually. Lately I'm not a big fan of it, but this is because I'm having troubles eating ( animals ) chicken.
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Yes, I do eat chicken liver. It is very tasty. When you fry it with mustard oil, and spices with a little bit of turmeric powder and salt. It tasted like heaven. Cook it from the both sides. 

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