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Youtube change their policy and rules before you can earn from your videos. They require every new user to reach 4,000 views and have at least 1,000 subscribers before to become eligible to earn some bucks.

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Earning money from your YouTube video can be as easy as drinking water.It can be easy for you if you follow some of the tips I will be highlighting below

Give your YouTube channel an official name like (Explore world,it digiworld).This can increase  your number of subscribers.

Research the keywords users usually search for and include that keyword in your video title,tags and descriptions.

Upload high quality HD videos.If you have been uploading low quality videos,replace then with high quality videos.YouTube gives priority to high quality videos.Do this and watch the number of daily subscribers increase.

Know the type of videos your viewers like to watch,how you can force viewers to search for your videos and how to force YouTube to rank your videos at the top of search result.

Share you videos on social networking sites like facebook.

Upload videos with good contents,something unique and with a message.Your video content should be evergreen.If your video content suck,you may not be able to make money from youtube
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If you create quality content, establish your niche, and grow your audience, it can be rather easy to make money off Youtube Monetization. Once you check off all the boxes necessary for monetization, Youtube will start putting ads in front of your videos. You get paid a set amount of money based on how many people watch the ads all the way through (or if they watch past 30 seconds).
Therefore, if you have thousands, or millions of viewers, you'll be able to make lots of cash off Youtube monetization. Advertising your channel on other social media platforms is also helpful in growing your audience - Instagram and Tumblr have millions of users, and if you use the right hashtags, you can grow a large following.
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I'm also an aspiring beginner that wants to earn from YouTube and I have watched tons of videos regarding on how to create videos on YouTube videos and earn from it.
1. First, you should have a target audience. You can't be ambitious about wanting to grab all the audience because you can't, people have different personality and likes. You should ask yourself: What are the videos I wanted to create? Who is my target viewers? And why should they watch my videos?
2. Grow your audience. After having a target audience, make them stay. Try to upload consistently like twice a week or once a week. They will have a reason to go back to your channel.

3. Create an eye-catching thumbnail and title for your videos. This is the first thing viewers will see to discover your channel, and you should grab their attention just by these things. DON'T CLICKBAIT.

In addition, YouTube already changed it from 4,000 views to 10,000 views.

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